1. Tested positive for thc. Went to the floor to check on a pt. I understood this dept was having problems with narcs being taken. Nurse manager approached me. I said hello. She said she was checking to see who was on her floor. I told her I came to follow up on a pt. Very suspicious acting toward me. Anyway, three days later I was called in to my nurse manager. She said pharmacy noticed some discrepancy issues and hr wanted me to submit a urinalysis. I smoked marijuana for the first time in about 15 years the day prior. I thought they would just test for narcs and benzos. The following week I was fired. Reported to ipn and had eval with no substance abuse dx. Started tx and now waiting for ipn contract. Now over a month into this and I was told I can look for work. Any help with getting through the HR dept would be very helpful.
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  3. by   SWS RN
    Who told you it was ok to look for work? Your counselor or the IPN? I am in the Fl IPN and I know that my contract stated specifically that I could not work until the IPN received my signed contract.

    It is probably not prudent to look for work until you are sure about the terms of your contract.

    I did not divulge the IPN info to HR-I waited until I was firmly in the middle of the interview with senior management and then I explained my position.
    Thank God, I got the job.

    It's not manditory you notify the HR dept-but you must tell your employer you are in the program and supply them with a copy of your contract.

    During the interview, I stressed how :
    1. I would work extremely hard-as I have something to prove.
    2. I am "safer" than other employees as I am frequently and randomly tested.

    My employer took both of these ideas into consideration.
    Good luck to you, I know that several of the Nurses in my weekly support group are having a difficult time getting a postion.

    Just have patience, also, try to do whatever the IPN mandates. They don't fool around and they hold all of the cards. Fly under the radar!
  4. by   Jaxflthc+
    Ipn, they called and said that as soon as I started tx. They said when the paperwork is recieved from the tx facility they would send me a contract.
  5. by   Jaxflthc+
    Hopefully it will be easier getting a job having tested + for marijuana. Anyone in a similar position? What does HR say when a potential employer calls. Can they say you were fired? Also is your immediate supervisor the only person who needs to know? How about getting fired while in ipn, is this a violation of the Americans with disability act?
  6. by   Dixiecup
    I am in a manger position. I would give you a job in a heartbeat for testing pos. for Marijuana. Everyone needs a second chance to start off on the right foot.

    Good luck, wish I could help!