Recovery Trek is not perfect

  1. I am 4 months shy of my membership expiring with the TxBON!!!! The worst part of it has been dealing with my case manager, DB. This troll is rude and nasty. When I am forced to call her sorry ass she sounds so annoyed and irritated to be bothered with my annoying inquiries.
    I called to let her know I would be out of the country on vacation and then I asked when my last day was. Well that really pissed her off and she replied it will be extended because I "decided to go out of the country where there is no lab". Then I asked if I weren't leaving town what would be my last day and I got "it doesn't matter". *** you *****.
    Four months of this hag left...I know I have to play the game of "yes maam, whatever you say maam".
    Now on to Recovery Trek. Always,always keep your confirmation # because I have received threatening letters from the hag about my missed calls and yes there have been 2 Sundays I forgot but RT reported 3 additional days and baby I had those confirmation #'s. When I called RT they said they would look into it. Haven't heard a word in 4 months! I also sent the hag a note with the days and #'s and NADA. She freaking sent me another copy of her threats.
    I'm sure there have been negative consequences for some who didn't save their confirmation #. To be safe my husband and I both call.
    Pray for me that I don't get in my car, head to Austin and torture the hag.
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  3. by   Big Blondie
    I haven't heard of them extending because of vacation. Is that BON or TPAPN? That's BS. Hang in there. Almost done!
  4. by   Babyj88
    She sounds miserable smh. Good thing you only have 4 months left. Don't do anything that would make your time longer. Kill her with kindness and when you finally out then go torture her ass lol.