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  1. zoeintx

    Finally able to practice nursing. Jobs???

    When I was in the program I worked with a LVN with 30+ years experience and a RN. When the RN left they hired a RN with approximately 8 months nursing experience. Well guess who had to find a new job. The powers that be felt like the LVN with decades of experience was not adequately trained to recognize a impaired nurse and the RN with 8 months experience wasn't either until she reached her 12 months experience. That was years ago and it still raises my pressure. Is that not the most ridiculous nonsense you've heard! How could something so STUPID, IGNORANT AND THOUGHTLESS come out of my CM's mouth. Maybe she was in recovery too and fried too many brain cells or maybe she was just a dumb f$#k. I had to find a new freaking job after almost 2 years. OMG I can't believe the BS I had to put up with. Now that's 10 minutes of my life I can't get back remembering that s*#t!
  2. TRUST ME...nothing is destroyed. Your history will be accessible in a keystroke. I know from experience. Don't make the same mistake again and stay outta trouble! Congratulations and best of luck.
  3. zoeintx

    HR wants meeting or report me to BON

    The investigation could take years. I have been through this more than once. The difference being that I was guilty. My attorney, who was also a RN, gave me the best advice while being investigated and that was to sign up with a monitoring program that did random drug screening. I enrolled in the same one the nursing board used to prove my sobriety. I don't recall what it cost but it was cheaper than if you were ordered to do it. After a 2+ year investigation I provided my results and they took that into consideration and reduced my "sentence" by 50%. When it comes to the nursing board you are guilty until proven innocent!
  4. zoeintx

    ETOH based hand sanitizer

    Don't use it. Buy alcohol free sanitizer. I had an "incidental exposure". That is what TPAPN called it when the level was so low and they called my supervisor to see if I had been under the influence of alcohol at work or if I had been using the hand sanitizer at work which I had been using the latter. They said it as okay and switch to alcohol free which I did. Fast foreword a year or so and I started using liquid DHEA/Pregnenolone drops from GNC under the tongue and I had a second "incidental exposure" from the drops. I had no idea there was alcohol in the mixture which I later found out from my toxicologist contact is used as a preservative in many OTC liquids. My fault and I have paid dearly! TPAPN kicked me out and I bought myself a 3yr board order for two incidental exposures. Use nothing unless you know for sure!!!!
  5. zoeintx

    I am livid!

    I requested my vacation through Recovery Trek and it was DENIED. I called the BNE and was told they no longer approve out of the country requests. They approved my last two Cancun trips so I don't know WTF is going on. Guess they gotta give one last turn of the knife before my agreement with them is up.
  6. zoeintx

    I am livid!

    My goddaughter is getting married at a Caribbean resort in the near future. I am so excited for her future and more excited she asked me to be her matron of honor but guess who has ruined our plans. You guessed it...the BNE! I am no longer allowed to leave the country as I have two times before since starting my sentence. All of my immediate family and seven extended family members are attending to celebrate and have a reunion. I will not be attending. I am a piece of trash and must be reminded and put in my sub-human place. Doesn't matter I have not encountered any bumps on my road through hell, never missed a deadline or failed to call in or pass a test. Again reminded my mistakes have landed me on Purgatory Row.
  7. zoeintx

    Seeking TX license reinstatement

    My license was suspended for a year and I successfully petitioned for reinstatement. The year I was off I completed everything that was required to be reinstated and kept records of everything. I am now less than six weeks shy of completing my three year sentence and being SET FREE!!!!! It hasn't been a walk in the park either. You MUST accept that you will be treated like a second class citizen for the duration. You will be judged harsher than any other medical professional by the BNE. Go into it saying "yes maam, you are right and I am wrong , yes you are superior and I am a loser" to the BNE and you will get along just fine. Do everything you are told and be damn happy to do it and more. Play your case managers game and say "thank you can I have more" whenever you are berated. ...and by all means STAY CLEAN AND SOBER! Good luck my nurse friend
  8. zoeintx

    Recovery Trek is not perfect

    I am 4 months shy of my membership expiring with the TxBON!!!! The worst part of it has been dealing with my case manager, DB. This troll is rude and nasty. When I am forced to call her sorry ass she sounds so annoyed and irritated to be bothered with my annoying inquiries. I called to let her know I would be out of the country on vacation and then I asked when my last day was. Well that really pissed her off and she replied it will be extended because I "decided to go out of the country where there is no lab". Then I asked if I weren't leaving town what would be my last day and I got "it doesn't matter". *** you *****. Four months of this hag left...I know I have to play the game of "yes maam, whatever you say maam". Now on to Recovery Trek. Always,always keep your confirmation # because I have received threatening letters from the hag about my missed calls and yes there have been 2 Sundays I forgot but RT reported 3 additional days and baby I had those confirmation #'s. When I called RT they said they would look into it. Haven't heard a word in 4 months! I also sent the hag a note with the days and #'s and NADA. She freaking sent me another copy of her threats. I'm sure there have been negative consequences for some who didn't save their confirmation #. To be safe my husband and I both call. Pray for me that I don't get in my car, head to Austin and torture the hag.
  9. zoeintx

    Bad messed up

    The board will find out and most likely offer a peer assistance program. Go with that, do exactly what they say and stay clean. In Texas, if you successfully complete the program, you will not be reported to the board.
  10. zoeintx

    Disclosing former substance abuse for licensure.

    Absolutely not! It is none of their business just as their past is none of your business. You will be persecuted, crucified and hung on the cross. Nurses are to be immune from "character flaws".
  11. zoeintx

    My coworker was high and got away with it

    Mind your own freaking business! Who do you think you are? Go to work, do your job and leave. You saw something on his phone and you assumed the worst. You are a perfect example of what is wrong in nursing. Nurses turning on nurses. You have no clue what you could have done to his career based on a assumption. You need to THINK before you SPEAK. Do us all a favor and find another career!
  12. I was a charge nurse at FMC for 4 years. All nurses have had to sign a 1-3 year contract when employed. As it stands, since I left my position several months ago I was replaced by 2 travel nurses. They are still there. I guess now they realize how much work I did do and had they considered my modest requests they wouldn't be out thousands of dollars paying travel RN companies 100/hr. Not including their room, board, and transportation. FMC, such savvy business operators!!!!
  13. zoeintx

    Charge RN's, chopped liver?

    I have several years of charge experience in outpatient dialysis. I recently started working for US Renal as a staff nurse. I was asked if I would be interested in a charge position. Of course I said. The catch, it only pays a dollar more an hour. How insulting! They want me to be responsible for 8 PCT's, 2 RN's and 30 patients for one dollar more an hour. Am I out of line here? Does anybody out there accept this kind of pay and insult? Being in charge is a hell of alot of responsibility!! Please tell me what you think and what you get paid for this very important and risky position. My last employer paid 10% of my base.
  14. zoeintx

    We have been bought out!

    My employer was recently bought out by US RENAL CARE. I do not know much about this company. Anybody out there familiar with it?
  15. zoeintx

    Am dreading second year.......

    I presume most of your classmates are female. It is most unfortunate that many women act this way. I am 39 and have been out of school for 13 years but remember the behavior like it was yesterday. Oh, it was yesterday at work that I witnessed it. Seriously, when I was in nursing school and even now I gravitate to men. They typically do not act so childish and petty. I'm sure you already know this. I don't have time for gossip and all that other stuff alot of women partake in. I always looked up to the older students in my class who had children, husbands and a home to to take care of in addition to their studies. I was fortunate that all my instructors were very professional, experienced and prepared. Best of luck to you and don't fret the small stuff. You have much more important things to fret about.:wink2: Thinly veiled profanity edited per TOS
  16. zoeintx

    Training at Fresinius

    Thank yall for your responses. I have been looking for employment elsewhere. Davita offered me more than I am making at Fresenius with several schedule options. I am working 13-14 hs a day because my administrator can save a buck by not getting me some permanent help. In her eyes it makes more sense to hire travel RN's. There are 3 in my clinic alone! You know what they cost. There goes my cost of living raise! As you can tell she has alot of brainpower. The reason I lose my PTO is because she won't let me off to take it and I am only allowed to sell it once a year. I make no apologies for my comments about FMC in North Texas. I have been working with the sorriest management known to mankind. They have gotton too big and no longer care about anything but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Something very unfortunate is going to happen to a patient, but not on my watch! Does your clinic allow only 2 cloths to clean a chair, machine, tv and any mess that spills on the floor? If someone bleeds all over we must use paper towels and you know they don't work worth a flip when it comes to cleaning up blood. My administrator comes by and checks the packs. God forbid one uses more than one cloth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could keep on going forever and ever. One more thing. She fired our Clinical Manager, fired an excellent charge RN, and let another go. She hasn't replaced any of them. I guess now her budget will look better. I am now the CM,charge, and med nurse. She is not a nurse and doesn't have a clue how hard it really is. My time is almost up and I can almost taste the freedom!!