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  1. by   johnroyparker
    Man, you have to have a better reason for not drinking than to be able to pass a test. True recovery is wanting to stop because you want to stop. I only hope the best for you.
    Recovery cannot be imposed on anybody. It has to come from within and then it is a steep uphill climb. I have worked with addicts for the past 40 years so I might know something. Be well myfriend.
  2. by   LucyLou88
    Never fails, I find a sad typo hours later. It sounds....to me. Anyway, I'm rooting for you. Power to the people. Stick it to the man.
  3. by   LucyLou88
    Ha! Yes. It's called psych.
  4. by   LucyLou88
    I live in Texas. Search the PA Bar Association.

    I have no idea where in PA you are, but it may not really matter. Everything can be done over the phone, and documents signed electronically or even snail mail as worst case these days. You absolutely have to have someone who does nursing license issues all day long.

    My husband is an attorney. I have learned that you cannot go into battle alone when faced with an army. The board is an army. If you have substance abuse issues, deal with them. You have to. Find another way a to handle your stuff, to fill your spaces. If you were just having a day of poor judgement and drove after a glass too many of wine, welcome to the land "I screwed up and now I'm at the mercy of a punitive system." Regardless you deserve a voice. Keep me posted.
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  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh

    Thank you so much!!!

    SpankedInPittsburgh resides cryptically in Pittsburgh.

    I have resigned myself to absorbing whatever punishment is doled out by the BON and I've taken their best shots. I've survived InPatient & Out Patient rehab and am now getting ready to step down in my weekly group sessions to every other week. I've taken a bunch of shots & would love the opportunity to deliver a few.
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  6. by   Meq815
    Heh heh. Cryptic.
  7. by   AN Admin Team
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  8. by   Mavrick
    Your "deal" with the BON is not about recovery. It's about passing pee tests in exchange for a license. You are not in recovery and the Board doesn't particularly care. If you don't want their damned license, go out and live any kind of shhhhole life you want.

    Some people are more creative with the time and opportunities offered them in the early stages of sobriety. You can hold on to all your old habits, learn nothing and be back on the same path that brought you to the same miserable choice. I don't know what it will take for you but I read some interesting books and talked with some interesting people.

    There is a true freedom that comes from making decisions because they are best for you rather than doing someone else's bidding. You choose the resentments you are hostage to. Quit blaming the Board for treating you like the hazard you are. At some point you can grow up and accept some responsibility.
  9. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Ha!!! What hazard did I present to my patients? Do you have a crystal ball?

    As far as the deal, you are right about that at least and I'm holding up my end. I'm glad that we can at least agree that this isn't about recovery but about retribution imposed by nurses who love the misery of other nurses and live to judge them.

    You couldn't have given a better illustration of my point.

    Thank You!!!
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  10. by   malamud69
    I'm pro spite!
  11. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Hate keeps me warm at night and gives me the ability to keep going in this jungle of BS. I simply hate the do-gooders too much to let them win. I'll finish this nonsense absolutely but even more certain than that is that I will never, ever, under any circumstances give this program any modicum of respect. Compliance sure. Respect Never
  12. by   LucyLou88
    Sorry, didn't realize that.
  13. by   malamud69
    After reading many of the above posts I must state..."recovery" depends...like so many things "medical" upon the definition...as this word is so often thrown around in this atrocious world of 12 step mumbo jumbo and snake oil puffery, I crave then the day when those so freely ready to compromise that evidence which allowed them to practice in the first place the ability to mind their own business...I simply cannot be sold the Brooklyn Bridge and therefore...in the best spirit of Hitchens may proclaim: "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" The epitome of this tragedy best summised by my "appointed" "therapist" (From what I can gather somebody with a certificate that was gotten by merely having the experience of being drunk or high before and perhaps taking a "recovery" lecture...also perhaps shaping opinion through 12 step meetings and the absurd book touted as fact...) who in the most serious tone and composure stated: "Its all subjective anyway" I used all my "willpower" to simply not laugh out loud in his face! Onward!