Im in HPRP in Michigan. Can the BON still take away my license

  1. I currently had a substance abuse issue back in November of 2017. I went through all hoops, went to a recovery program, seeing therapist, NA groups excetera. I'm currently working with HPRP the nurse abuse program for Michigan and I was just let go at work today because it's per policy. They told me they still have to report this to the boards. Can and will the BON take my license away even though I'm working with HPRP? Please help! I'm really worried about this. HPRP told me I can start looking for jobs but I'm worried about the BON
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I don't know about Michigan but here we have PNAP which is our nurses program. PNAP works in conjunction with the BON & they follow the recommendations made by PNAP. If you are working with your states monitoring program I'd think you would be fine. I understand that the board and monitoring program are in a class action suit involving nurses now. Do you know anything about that?
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    No I have no idea. HPRP is our nurse recovery for Michigan but I'm afraid since my work said they have to report me to the BON they will still take away my license even though I'm with HPRP
  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I'm fairly sure that if you are in the nurse monitoring program the board already knows
  6. by   Lisacar130
    I don't get it... what are you being reported for?
  7. by   Recovering_RN
    I think employers are required to report to the BON. But the BON and the monitoring program (I'm in Texas so mine is TPAPN) maintain communication. Your BON would require you to sign up for HPRP or they would revoke your license, but they will check with HPRP and find out you've already done that, so that's it. You should be fine. The BON was probably already notified by HPRP anyway, so they already know, this is just your employer doing what they're required to do.
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    Even if they see I'm with HPRP can they still revoke it or is their first way of dealing with it is to refer you to HPRP?
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    So what is the timeline of events here? Were you caught at this current employer and self reported to the HPRP and now your job is firing/reporting you? All states handle this stuff a little bit differently. I know in IL this would be considered "self reporting" and it would hardly matter if your employer reported you after the fact, as long as you self reported beforehand. I know in my state you would have an informal hearing due to the BON being involved but nothing would really happen except the monitoring contract would be followed and monitored by the BON (unless you were selling it or writing scripts, then you could get suspension or probation but a revoked license is very rare). Can you talk to anyone in HPRP for advise since they know the specifics of Michigan?

    I'm sure won't be revoked, based on what you're telling us. What could happen is they could put a mark on it and you'd be on probation... that's the absolute worst case scenario since I doubt they would suspend you since you're doing everything right. A new employer would see it when looking up your license. I don't know how Michigan BON handles this but I'm hoping it's like what the other are saying and how I know many states handle it.
  11. by   catsmeow1972
    In theory, self reporting is supposed to give you some modicum of confidentiality and protection from the board so long as you are in HPRP and stay totally compliant. In your state in particular, there has been issues of the BON filing against people in spite of them having it in thier contract that compliance with HPRP would shield them from BON action. There is also a very slowly moving class action suit against HPRP for other things.
    If your employer says they are reporting you to the board, make **** sure the BON knows you are already in the program. Do not expect HPRP to do it for you. I made that mistake in my state and my "sins" are now public. They don't care about anything other than vacuuming your pockets for money. Notify the board via phone, email, certified letter, carrier pidgeon, show up in person at any hearing even if you have to drive to the other end of the state, all of the above. Do everything you can to keep this off your license. You self reported. You did the right thing. Unfortunately you will have to scream that to certain people.
    These programs are not interested in helping you or about your recovery. They are about the money. Play thier game, follow thier rules and do whatever you need to do to get yourself back on track, but sadly don't expect support from them.
    if you get to where you are in the position where you will need to appear in front of the BON and choose to have an attorney, make sure it is someone well versed in license defense law. my suggestion would be to go with the ones doing the class action that I referred to above, for obvious reasons. TOS prevents me from being much more specific, but a little internet search will help you.
    Welcome to our little corner of All Nurses and I hope we can be of help.
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    Yeah, as always excellent advice from CATS. If you have to appear in front of this BON I'd take along the law firm that's already suing them. The BON will most likely be on their best behavior then as they know acting like idiots will be noticed by legal professionals who could use such antics in court at a later date against them. One of my major regrets is that I didn't hire lawyers to help me in this process. I don't know if it would have done any good but honestly I had no idea I was entering such an adversarial and punitive process when I self reported after getting my DUI. At the time I never thought nurses would be so vicious to each other in such a tangible way
  13. by   Jslimp22
    Is there a possibility that if they found out I was with HPRP that I wouldn't have to go infront of the board?
  14. by   catsmeow1972
    That's the thing. You need to ensure that the board leaves you the heck alone because you are already in HPRP. HPRP has no interest in telling them for you. If you get ANY paperwork from the board you need to respond to it. DO NOT sign anything without either speaking with an attorney or having it in writing that the BON is aware that you are in HPRP and compliant and that no further action will be taken against you...or something to that effect.
    The threat to report you to the board may be empty. Some employers are content to just tell you to report to your states program and leave it at that. Others (mine) will nail you to the wall. However you cannot risk it.
    One thing I will say is if you get any calls From any investigator with the BON or the state DO NOT speak with them. I don't care what they say, anything you say will not be in your favor. When I was dumb enough to speak with the person that called me....I said I self reported and was under contract already (like your situation). I was told "keep doing what you are doing, and you'll never hear from us again." Riiiigghhhttt. 18 months later...I was fighting a license spite of total compliance.....
    Those license defense law firms that all advertise "call us before speaking with any BON or whatever." There's a reason for that. To be perfectly honest...if you can afford to have an attorney on the back it. It makes life so much less stressful. The programs, I think tend to not mess with you when they know you are apt to whip out the lawyer card easily. This, of course is provided you are fully compliant on your end.