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I received a call from my monitoring specialist today from HPRP he said, "Andy, I am calling to tell you, you are offically a free man!" I cannot tell you how awesome I felt, I sat in my pt's room... Read More

  1. by   chiefshewho
    Ya, I am applying for a job in the same hospital on the sister unit I worked on. My old nurse manager manages that unit and says there is a position if I want it. I will probably start next week if everything goes good.
    The happy tears are the best tears! I agree with the wedding thing, people look sloppy.
    That is food for thought ETN. I use to volunteer in my town years ago. It was somewhat overwhelming so I got out of it. I told myself when I retire I will get the my dream volunteer job. Then I was asked yesterday to help volunteer for the towns zoning board. Just maybe I will.