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  1. I work for Davita...Worked in 3 different hospitals in ER/Critical care over 10years before going to dialysis. Davita is a "for profit" company. It is on the NYSE and is publicly owned....so it is what it is. The budget is the bottom line, PERIOD! I get paid more than any, I MEAN ANY OTHER of my other colleagues by quite a bit. I have looked at the other local hospitals and have talked to recruiters and I could not come close to making the type of money I am making right now. So....short answer is that most of what you have heard is true. But take it for what is worth. If you want to work third shift, every other Sunday and most holidays then go to a hospital. If not, try it! Lastly, one piece of advice (i know you did not ask for it) is why dialysis right out of nursing school? You really should develop and experience a more rounded field (floor, icu, ccu, sicu, er....) Dialysis is .....dialysis! You will only learn dialysis! Good luck
  2. rninmi

    Just wanting some advice....

    If you feel comfortable, can you tell us a little more about what happened? I personally do not know what "ipn" is? I am sure others do. Is it your state's monitoring program? In MI it is called HPRP. Share what you are comfortable with. This is a great site and people will share their strength, experience and hope I am sure!
  3. Jack, I like this better than the Betty Ford definition. Good question though...what is recovery? For me it meant 1. Abstinence from all mood altering substances (including etoh and/or rx'd drugs) 2. A change in the way I think! I don't have a drug problem, I have a thinking disease.....Every night I thank my higher power for keeping me clean today, then I take my 10th step inventory and see how I responded to people, places and things...how could I have done better, what will I do to change???? I can tell you this that after a short 5 years my response, the way I view people, myself and "things" have changed dramatically. Because of "recovery" I have completely "overhauled" my brain. I see things differently now. And because of the steps I learn something new every day. I make mistakes and I hurt today, I laugh, I cry and I experience raw, life emotions....I get to experience "life on life's terms" WITHOUT the use of a mind or mood altering substance to help me get "numb"...that is recovery for me! :wink2:
  4. I agree completely, good point. I think that is why my friends have not been able to get off of it. That is the only tx they are pursuing! You have to pursue your recovery in EVERY Aspect. Thanks for that good point.
  5. rninmi

    Job update

    Hey, how's the job? I went through hprp for 4yr contract. Let us know how your new job is going!
  6. rninmi

    Gotta question

    I'm just gonna throw this out there....Not intended to start an agrument or anything...but this is my thought. I completed my 4yr contract about 5 or 6 months ago. I have considered a job change at times and have "daydreamed" about the interview process and how nice it would be to interview as a "normal" rn and not divulge my past mistakes as I did when reapplying after losing my er gig for diverting.............. I don't see the validity in divulging my addiction/recovery with the HR department??? Why???? We treat this as a disease, and I believe most everyone on this site would agree it is a disease....if i have diabetes, or htn or whatever... should I divulge that? Now, the answer could be..."yes but those diseases do not have the ability, or potential let's say, to impact patient care"........I would agree....however if my disease of addiction is currently in remission and I am currently receiving the recommended tx to keep that disease in remission, then am I a threat, or better yet, is my disease a threat? I say NO! I just don't see the point of divulging this info at THIS STAGE (INTERVIEW STAGE)....Now, once hired and once relationships are established if I am comfortable with sharing my recovery, my strength, experience and hope with those I TRUST, then my all means I will, (and I have)..... Am I "ashamed" of my past???? Good quesiton! I stole, I lied, I manimpulated, I denied patients.....let's see.... some shame, YES! Do I allow that shame to haunt me, to impact me? NO!!! I am in recovery, I am clean today and I have made ammends to those whom I could...... Good luck.
  7. rninmi

    recently quit pot-marijuana surprized about withdrawl.

    I love it!
  8. rninmi

    Serious, what do you think?

    "yet...." That is what I would always say at meetings when talking or saying something like that. We need to relate, not compare with other addicts. The end result is the same....."jails, institution or death" or....thankfully "recovery". I would find myself saying things like "I never stole money to buy drugs" or "I never bought drugs off the street..." Someone helped me by finishing those statements with the word "yet".....Eventually I would have done those things! Left unchecked addiction knows no boundaries and will cause us to do anything to anyone to keep it going.
  9. rninmi

    5 years today!

  10. rninmi

    Wasted Years

    Did you do 12 steps? Even if you didn't I know you have heard "just for today"....That means we live in TODAY. That is all we have! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here, so we have TODAY. I know it sounds like a cliche, but all those sayings in AA/NA are there for a reason! I have struggled so much with my past, and understand exactly what you are talking about. But just keep telling yourself that person is the "old person", the person with a very real disease that is currently in check and being treated is who you are today! One last thing, our past sometimes helps us function and can keep us in recovery. 5 yrs clean and I still have a "bondage box" It is a shoe box with real, tangible items (pictures, letters etc) that remind me of the "old man"...who I was NOT WHO I AM, but it is a reminder of what I never want to return to. Somedays it helps to see and feel those reminders....it helps me "play the tape forward". Remember even batteries have a negative side! Without it, it would not work right!
  11. rninmi

    Please tell me your opinion

    "We turned our will and our life over to the God of our understanding"...... This wasn't his will! Keep your head up and know it is all part of a plan. Just don't use, do the next right thing and let your God figure out the rest! Good luck.
  12. rninmi

    Your Recovery

    Thanks for that......I think everyone, especially nurses and docs need to understand and hear this early in our recovery....I felt "unique"....the scum of the earth.....no one had did what I did...no one stole drugs from pt's, no one falsified documents...no one treated others as badly I did....on and on...... Like you....I remember someone telling me that I had a disease. I had never met this woman, and to this day I don't even know who she was. She was with all the administrators when they confronted me with the awful truth....As I was sitting there balling...wondering how to explain all this to my wife and 2 little boys.....anyway this lady leans across, puts her hand on my leg and says "you have a disease...." of course at the time I was dope sick, and didn't hear her...but over the next few days I heard that over and over again. The director of the ER was there and he said "dude, do you think you're unique? I've pulled men out of bathroom stalls who have 3 x's the education you have, and make 4X's what you make....You aint special" (he was kinda blunt)....anyway, thanks for the response I couldn't agree more!
  13. rninmi

    Acute HD by ICU staff

    I was an ICU nurse and we had to dialyze our own pt's. It became an absolute disaster....Imagine a 2 wk s/p gsw with 8-10kg on, intubated, art line, swan...the works AND you have to dialyze them...not to mention your other pt next door! It was a joke! The charge nurse would usually jump in and do your run for you, but that bogged them down.....it got to be unsafe. Plus like others have mentioned, you cannot be "independent" in HD without doing it for at least 6mos consecutively....Looking back I thought I knew what I was doing, but now I know I had allot to learn about HD. Eventually the hospital hired a company to do our tx's (after I left!). We did purchase 2 of the gambro crrt machines, and I believe the room nurses still set that up and monitor it...but that is allot different with allot less complications.
  14. I would agree with the others.....Dialysis is so specialized...you learn one thing....Dialysis! You will become very proficient at assessment of the dialysis pt....I worked for 10 years in ER/ICU before switching to chronic setting...which I hated, now doing acutes. I would hope you can get some other experience before going into a speciality. Good luck!
  15. rninmi

    Your Recovery

    I want to "switch gears" a bit after being involved in a hot debate lately..... I would like to hear from everyone on THERE recovery....What is the key to your recovery? Did you (or do you) practice the twellve steps? What was the hardest part of your recovery? Anything you want to share.....Treat it like an open mic. Remember it's about your recovery, not your addiction! Let's share some "strength, experience and hope" with one another!
  16. rninmi

    RN taking prescription benzo's for sleep

    Love it...couldn't agree more....that is addictive thought pattern at its best! Jack...thanks for your input......agree w/you on the etoh is a drug...PERIOD.... Why in the world would anyone even flirt with a substance that has the potential for abuse when they are an addict???? Why? I don't get it....again that's for ME and MY recovery. If an addict can "handle" taking Xanax as prescribed, then more power to em....I cannot imagine me doing that...nor can I imagine me going to the bar and having a "few drinks".... To the op, I don't think you are in recovery so good luck and I hope you never go down the path allot of us have had to go down!