Drug test results?

  1. Quick question- does anyone know how to check first source solutions (lab is drugscan) drug test results for HPRP? Or is this one of the states (MI) that doesn't let you see your results unless you fail?

    Also... anyone get into this kind of mess while having a nursing license in another state? I'm licensed in Florida and my renewal deadline is fast approaching... I was just going to let it lapse until I got all of this HPRP business straightened out.. but I'd really prefer not to let it lapse if I don't have to... :/

    thanks for for any input
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  3. by   catsmeow1972
    I would not let it lapse because I think that would give the people here an excuse to try to con you into thier program. It would be equally as asinine as HPRP, I can promise you that. I would renew your license like normal. I don't recall if there are any questions about being in any other state's programs but if not, just keep a moving on. Have your CEUs and keep a going. Check on this, but if need be, I think you can do something like a 'voluntary withdrawal from practice.' Pretty much something that assures the board that you are not in Florida and not practicing here but do not want to give up your license.
  4. by   Emolman
    Took your advice- I'm already registered as "not practicing" or whatever- luckily it only seems to ask about felonies related to abuse and Medicare or some such things- nothing about monitoring agreements or misdemeanors. Thanks for the response!
  5. by   Emolman
    but seriously- if anyone knows how they manage drug testing results in hprp.. that would be great- I'd love to have some sort of peace of mind and at least *that* is something tangible- also, i pay for the damned things- I should be able to see them! Even the courts let you see your results. (Without being super secretive and anxiety inducing about it)... idk- I hope this gets easier. I guess misdemeanor probation caused me a lot of anxiety initially too.. still does... but not to the extent hprp does..( why- I don't know... jail (courts) or no job (hprp) can't tell which *should* feel worse... I guess both are pissers) lol... oh I hope this is funny someday..