Beware the final hour!

  1. So my fellow nurse's a word of warning, Be on guard till the final hour of the final day! Tomorrow is my completion day. Guess What, I get red flagged by Recovery Trek today, to do an option 2 UA. I figured as much and am not worried. I'm so clean even my urine sparkles. It still irks me tho that my case manager has already gave me her congradulations etc .... AND THEY TEST ME..... Keep living in fear till the very end. So now I'm done venting, time to move on.... Just wanted to alert all y'all in the forum.. BEWARE THE FINAL HOUR!.... Peace
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  3. by   TXRN2
    Oogie- congrats in advance for being done- what a great accomplishment!! now(after tomorrow!) you can get back to regular, untethered life!!
  4. by   Oogie
    Thanks Tx, Been a long row to hoe! I'm gonna dust off my passport an go find me a beach somewhere
  5. by   MichelleRN34
    Quote from Oogie
    Thanks Tx, Been a long row to hoe! I'm gonna dust off my passport an go find me a beach somewhere
  6. by   mletort
    Congratulations! I hope you have fun with your toes in the sand!
  7. by   Umberlee
    I graduate in three weeks...and I had to test FOUR TIMES this week. Two hundred freaking bucks! Ugh. I hope they don't hit me like that all the way through the end.
  8. by   Oogie
    Umberlee, Like I said beware the final hour, I completed yesterday, still had to log in today for daily checkin. I emailed my case manager, she responded "rather irked" stating I informed you before you've completed everything you need "BUT" you have to keep logging in until Recovery Trek Close's you out, "MAYBE MONDAY" ......MAYBE?..... MAYBE? ..... maybe is a long time, Don't let your guard down! Untill you have it in writing your not free. Hope the 3 weeks pass quickly.... Peace
  9. by   MichelleRN34
    Hang in there.. Hope the work swiftly.. I ended my probation in December. I weight has literally been lifted.
  10. by   shi1130
    were u just on an agreed order or on tpapn?
  11. by   Oogie
    I was in TPAPN for a 2 year contract, (got lucky now its 3), The court gave me 18mth probation for DWI (ETOH)...
  12. by   shi1130
    Oogie, were you in TPAPN? or just on an agreed order?JW
  13. by   shi1130
    oh ok. So, are u completely finishe with all of it now? for good?
  14. by   shi1130
    Congrats to you Oogie!!! Enjoy ur freedom.