Any info on suspension?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm wondering for the ones who had their license suspended , was it done quickly? My case with the BON hasn't come up yet- feb will be 2 years and all I've done is met with an investigator.
    I want to think if my license was going to be suspended it would have been before now. Thankfully I'm working in dialysis which is recovery friendly so I'm praying I can keep my job will all this comes to a head.
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I would also think that if they were going to suspend your license they would have got around to it a lot faster than 2 years!!! My god what if you really were a danger to patients. Let her be a menace for 2 years then slam her???? This is another good example of the sheer folly of this nonsense
  4. by   catsmeow1972
    Danger to patients? What? C'mon, you don't really think this is about patient safety? That however will be the grounds for ‘a recommended monitoring period of .......' nevermind that it's been fine until now. It will just now be safer for the patients if her pockets are turned out and emptied. Makes perfect sense. Not.
  5. by   tiffpritRN
    I would think so too but I don't put anything past the BON . I will lawyer up if they try to suspend now. I have had a good work record for 2 years now and I haven't have gotten as much as a speeding ticket! Guess I'm just nervous
  6. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Tiff nobody can blame you for being nervous!!! Many of these folks sound like lying dirt-bags plus they have the added quality to being too dumb to know what is in there own contract apparently
  7. by   StillRN
    Tiff, do you ever open or close as the only nurse? I have heard of fresenius turning down people on contracts because they couldn't provide the supervision at all times. I have an interview with them tomorrow.. so I'll find out then, I Guess.

    Although, I think it really depends on how desperate the hiring manager is.. done DaVita's took people on contracts while others wouldn't.

    Can you call the BON and ask them what the heck is going on?
  8. by   tiffpritRN
    Yes I close pretty often. Good luck with your interview! I have called the BON and gotten no where. Time will tell. My boss knows I may have a contract at some point and so far she's willing to work with me .
  9. by   StillRN
    That's good.. they will likely be able to cover for you. Just as Long as you are tight lipped about it and request confidentiality from your boss, once people know, they care screw u overceasily!!
  10. by   ruby_jane
    The BON never forgets. But if you were considered an imminent threat it's likely your case would have seen action. Tom Petty was right. The waiting is the hardest part. But every day gets you another day of employment where you're practicing safely and competently. When you met with the investigator, did you sign anything?

    Hang in there.
  11. by   No-soy-sauce-until-2019
    I find so much in this that the only thing to do is accept the situation. It was a relief to know that I had a consent agreement and know that at least that part was done. How awful to make someone wait in limbo that long, my heart goes out to you.

    I think continuing to demonstrate everyday that you are a safe, competent nurse is really the only thing you can control at this point. If it later comes to pass that you join monitoringland like others here - it sounds like you'd have no problem meeting their requirements.