Nurses rally to battle shortage



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I'm sorry, but 50 nurses out of a surrounding pop of 1.4 million - along with thousands of nurses - only 50? That's not a rally; it's a dirge.

You've quoted this meeting now in a few threads. I wouldn't think that this meeting would be something that a pro-union person would brag about.

It's nothing short of an embarrassment for that union.

Is 0.01 % of the nursing population even enough to get the NLRB to notice? Certainly, it's not enough to even pretend that there is ANY organizing strength. . .

Wrong state, wrong concept. End of story. And that's not me trying to be mean. Unions just won't have any pull in this part of the Country. Trying to unionize Texas would be like trying to turn San Fran into a 'red state' area on the map. . . I mean, it SOUNDS like a good idea, until you actually try to implement it. . . And then you discover how very little LOCAL support that there actually is for such a concept.



Here in California, we do have staffing ratios and I work mostly on a med/surg unit where I can have, at most, 5 patients.

While it is nice not to have 8 or 9 patients like I used to, strictly staffing by a 5:1 ratio can mean I'm not very busy sometimes, as it doesn't take into account how "difficult" the patient care is. Sometimes these patients take very little care and I have a CNA to help.

Some flexibility would be nice - we are a small rural hospital and we do not have access to extra nurses and when we are very busy, we have to close to new patients and send them down the mountain.




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High 5 Timothy, well said.

Now imagine how the media would spin it if Nurses had an anti-union rally....

mark hamel

mark hamel

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Austin is a great place to live,work and has great liberal schools.....



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In which case it would be the last place I'd send my kids to school :)

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