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Nurses who have a dog?

by rnstu20 rnstu20 (New) New Nurse Student

Hi! Does anyone who works 12 hour shifts have a dog? Specifically single people with or without a roommate. Would appreciate any tips, tricks, or advice. Thank you!


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Assuming you already have a dog?

How long have you owned this dog? Big, medium, or small dog. Would it have access to a yard or patio? What is the dog's temperament? Has it been left alone before?

I have left my dog alone before but this dog is not a barker or whiner. If you live in an apt bldg and your dog makes noise when you are gone, that would probably be problematic depending on your neighbors. There are doggie cams and auto treat dispensers available. You can hire a walker/sitter to break up their solitude. Of course plenty of toys. Taking to a doggie day care would probably be the most inconvenient and expensive option.

Nunya, BSN

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I've had dogs while working 12s. I would always leave potty pads out just in case, if you have tile floors it's not a big deal but I had carpeting... Luckily mine were little and were used to staying alone from the get-go. Definitely walk them or key out as close to when you leave as possible, and let them out again as soon as you get home, even before you go to the bathroom. I've always left out dry food and they didn't pig out so they weren't crazy hungry when I got home. Some people I've known would ask a neighbor to come over and let them out once or twice but of course pay them. luck, it can be done but you have to get lucky and get the right dog.