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I am looking for a book club that has a section for nurses. I know that there are journals that I can subscribe to but are there any nursing book clubs. I am in Ontario, Canada but am interested in any or all.

Thank you for your time


27 Posts is a nurses reference book club. I don't know if they have any fiction written by nurses. They have a wide selection of books and have a good introduction package. You can also try for additional information


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I've ordered books from the above mentioned website. Got some great deals. The only down side is that I keep receiving books that I don't order and I have to keep refusing them and taking them back to the postoffice. You have to mark each and every slip you get in the mail marking that you don't want their preselected books.


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I just joined the nurse book club also. My advice is check off what you want or don't want on the negative option card and get it in mail immediately. Also, mark on the calendar when you sent it in.


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I belong to this club also. I need to cancel because I'm awful about sending the card back. I took 6 packages of books to the post office not too long ago return. I told the postal worker that I'm a book club's worst nightmare and he agreed! LOL


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I just checked out the site. It sounds great! How many books are you required to purchase after the introductory agreement? I looked all over the site but couldn't find that particular information.

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I once belonged to The Nurses Book Society club. I loved it. I have a big nursing library now. They offer all sorts of books from reference, to textbooks, to fiction. I bought all I have room for, however.

When I belonged, they had a website that you could go to, and check NOT to send the monthly selection; or you can not do anything, and they will automatically send you the next selection if you want it.

Very convenient. No stamps, and it took only seconds.


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This book club sounds great. I will check it out.

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I belong to the Nursesbooksociety and I don't get any of the monthly selections sent to me at all. I don't even submit the card, only if I am ordering a book.

You can call them and ask them not to send you it unless you specify otherwise.

It has worked for me.



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