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Nurses aid job in newspaper

There is a job posting in my local newspaper for a LTC they are hiring nurses aids part time and full time. They are not asking for STNA or CNA. I am a Certified Medical Assistant who will be attending nursing school in the fall. Would it be appropriate for me to apply to this position. I think this would be good training to help with nursing school. Ads for other facilities say STNA. Will they hire someone who is not CNA or STNA.

Thanks carilyn

MrChicagoRN specializes in Leadership, Psych, HomeCare, Amb. Care.

Definitely apply.

They don't have the opportunity to yes or no unless you apply.

By not applying the answer is an automatic no.

pagandeva2000 specializes in Community Health, Med-Surg, Home Health.

I would certainly inquire about it. In most cases, they usually want someone who is already a certified nursing assistant (even though the ad may not mention 'cna') because they are supposed to do a background check on them, but you will never know if you don't apply.

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