Nurse with very strange behavior.

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Be careful, someone may report this to your boss.

Or talk about me ad nauseam on :uhoh3:

diane227, LPN, RN

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This is somewhat strange behavior but I've seen worse. I have found things to be quite funny in the middle of a "serious" meeting and had to walk out before I made an ass out of myself while laughing. If she makes sound decisions and she makes good judgments regarding patient care then just let her go. If she upsets someone, then they should take her aside and talk to her about it. As long as her practice is safe, it is ok to be odd.

Ivanna_Nurse, BSN, RN

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OP maybe you could be befriending her rather than hating. Never judge a book by its cover, or a girl by her shoes. All too often, you'll be in the wrong, and it'll be YOU that they'll be judging. What comes around goes around... Take care, and heed the words of advice you have received. :) Ivanna

GadgetRN71, ASN, RN

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IMO, all of us are human. I would lay money on the fact that most of us here have lost it at work one time or another. Whether it be eye rolling, snapping at people etc. It's not easy to be in charge-I've had to walk away from some people because the next thing out of my mouth was going to be vile. Have I gone into an empty OR room and sworn a blue streak? You betcha. Have I wanted to throw my charge phone(and maybe a few doctor's pagers) down the stairwell? Yup.Haven't done it yet, but I've been tempted! To me, as long as this girl is a conscientious, competent nurse and she doesn't make a habit out of being mean, leave her alone.

All of us are strange..all of us have quirks in our personality. We do a very difficult job, one that most people couldn't hack for 2 hours. Let's try to cut each other some slack. My 2 cents.

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