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Hi, All is well at my new H.S. I was just told that they want to move me to a separate upstairs far back area so the less than 2000 H.S. students areas are covered. I have been here 3 weeks, so it was a surprise to me but now them. Not sure how we would split students and work in emergencies. Your thoughts please. :cautious: it's not fully ready yet.

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So let me just see if i have it straight - you and another nurse would have 2 offices in the school of almost 2k kids? If so I'd say cool!! The best was to manage day to day i'd think would be to have an EMR like healthoffice or SNAP where you both can be online and access all the students at anytime (would have to get licensing for 2) and then you would (assuming you can keep up charting) have a better idea of knowing that Sally was just seen for her cramps last period in the downstairs office so she can get back to Spanish class.

As far as emergencies -a walkie talkie system may help as far as who can respond and who is closer to a particular location. Or just breaking down the building by region may be enough (office a will take first floor and gym, office b will take second floor and cafeteria - other nurse will cover if first nurse can't respond due to emergency in office at that time).

Hope that was helpful - let me know if i'm completely misunderstanding the situation!

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This sounds like a big facility. Unless there are staff members within seconds from the new location, that would be available for helping you, and a constant video recording, I would be concerned for your safety. Our high school nurse clinic is next door to the School Resource Police Officer's office; about 1200 students.


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I wonder how many kids would go see nurse 1 during one period and go see nurse 2 during another period? Won't take long for kids to figure that out and take full advantage of it. Double the opportunity to get out of class.