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Visa Screen Certificate is required by all foreign nurses wishing to obtain a green card to work in the US, as well as any type of temporary work permit, such as the Nafta TN Visa for those from... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    If it is over 10 years since attended school then it just isn't accepted. I had no problems with my VSC and I left school in 82. I would check with them and see what the problem is especially if you know of others with the same schooling as you and they was accepted
  2. by   Amisha
    thank you
  3. by   RNchicas
    Hi good day! i have a company who will petition me for h1b visa, i wanna ask if the visa screening for permanent green card and h1b are the same? thanks
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Visa screen certificate for both is the same.
  5. by   RNchicas
    thanks silverdragon:wink2:
  6. by   clara"ole01
    I have a question too, there is a fee to pay when requesting for NCLEX licence verification? May i know how much?
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Depends on the state
  8. by   Amisha
    hi everybody,
    I am having problem in issuing my visascreen certificate due to high school diploma.I sent all documents (transcript,certificate and diploma issued by ministry of education).Still my status of secondery diploma is recieved but not accepted.When I called them and ask what they are looking for they told me they need my GED .I dont know what they need i already submitted my transcript and certificate as a proof. I would be very greatfull if anybody would like to share about this .
    Also my IELTS will expire in 1 months.Should I have to take ielts again if my visacreen doesnot issue before one months?????
    thank you
  9. by   Amisha
    hi everybody,
    Again they told me that my visascreen certificate cannot be issued due to 10 yrs of school study.They suggested me to take ged.My english score will expire within a month.Is here anybody who took ged due to 10 yrs School study??????
    plz provide me some suggestions.Its impossibe to provide them ged score within one month also,( 15 days to get result,15 days to showed up online in cgfns site).
    thank you
  10. by   nurseforlife
    I am soooooooooo worried. I have not heard a thing about my visa screen yet, but all i can think about is not meeting the minimal standards. You see, i started out in the BSN program and did that for 2 years, then completed the 3rd year diploma program through direct entry and graduated from nursing. I also have a EkG diploma. I am just wondering if there may be a problem because i had gone to 2 different school in Canada. I have already passed my NCLEX. I just wonder if i am overworried. Also, i am thinking about it all the time, and just needed to vent since i have a job waiting for me.
    Thanks for listenning.:thnkg:
  11. by   JST3
    Quote from suzanne4
    States do not have reciprocity, only endorsement to the new state. But, you do not have a license to endorse. Passing the NCLEX exam for CA does not give you a license. They will not issue it until you are in the US and ready to begin work.

    You are going to need to apply to IL with the License by Examination, and then have CA submit your results to the new BON. You are also required to have the CES done by CGFNS before they will even look at your application. And you will actually find this faster to do it this way, IL is usually very slow with endorsements.
    fyi IL board does not accept this method for passers in cali,they want you to take the exam again or do endorsement once you get CA license, just called the board and they do not accept that procedure of having results sent to CTS etc..correct me if i'm wrong
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from JST3
    fyi IL board does not accept this method for passers in cali,they want you to take the exam again or do endorsement once you get CA license, just called the board and they do not accept that procedure of having results sent to CTS etc..correct me if i'm wrong
    Each BON will do things there way, we have not seen anyone complain that they was unable to do things this way but there is always a first. Many other BON's have accepted doing it this way but they can decide which they will accept

    This is one of the reasons why we say unless California to start directly with the state that you want to work in from the start. Ca is an exception to applying initially due to the fact they will destroy your file if you do not provide a SSN within 3 years and with retrogression you are looking at a lot longer than 3 years
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  13. by   jollygirl
    Quote from carlee1995
    Hi Suzanne

    I had written to you first back in Feb08 about applications to work/exams etc for a Canadian RN to work in Florida.
    Well, All paper work is at CGFNS, passed my NCLEX back in Nov. received
    my letter from BON Florida stating they will not issue a license until I have a Social Security Number.
    Called CGFNS if they received my results from Florida BON, and they said NO.
    I called BON and they said "did you mail the $25.00 that is required for us to mail the results to CGFNS". I did not know that there was a further charge for this!!!
    So it has been a month with nothing done. Then they would not take my Visa number over the phone, they wanted a money order,,,which will take time thru the mail at this holiday time of year.
    Sorry I am so lengthy, but after all this time, you think you are coming to an end,,,but there is always something else to think about or do.
    So now,,,how do you go about getting a Social Security Number, so that I can receive my License in my hand....that I worked so hard for.
    Any words of wisdom,,,for someone who is getting frustrated, as my application with CGFNS is up in March 09
    Thank you so much
    Hi carlee1995, Suzanne and everybody,

    How did you go about sending to FL BON the form "Request for Validation of Registration/License for VisaScreen"?

    I can't find the link in the FL BON website and if you can forward me a link, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.