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  1. I graduated from an Ontario University in 2016
    and have not passed the nclex here in Canada. However i am now moving to Australia since my husband is Australian. I have a couple of questions that need to be answered ASAP as im flying mid February. Please get back to me with some help or answers at

    1. Do i have to pass the nclex here or in australia (i know they have a testing center there to do my nclex) in order to qualify to get accreditation from AHPRA ? Or is my University degree enough since Nclex does part of the requirement for Australian nursing.

    2. What exactly do i need to take with me from here canada in paperwork in terms of applying with AHPRA ? For example my university transcript ? I need to know everything i have to take with me since i will not be able to come back. Please help.

    3. Whether or not i have to do the nclex or not CNO requires it to be registered in ontario as a bueae, so what exactly is the documents i need to take from CNO with me to Australia. P

    4. If i take a police check from ontario it will expire in 6 month and i will not be done with my nclex in that period of time . Is it possible to obtain it online ??

    Please help asap.
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  3. by   sparticus2008
    The requirements are here :
    Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Meeting the registration requirements

    We don't have NCLEX or equivalent in Australia, completing your bachelors makes you eligible to register.

    be aware if you do try and contact the nursing board that they are super busy at the moment, as most student graduate december and they need to get them all registered to start their employment in february, so long phone queues.

    there is also no shortage of nurses on the graduate end of the market, so do not be suprised if you struggle to find emploment once you have registration.
  4. by   shabnamjaan
    WOW ARE YOU SURE? Seriously if i dont need to passs the nclex to register with Australian board of nursing thats life a bonus in this bizy time for me because i was plannig to write the nclex there in Australia and then wait for the result and only after that apply for Ahpra accreditation. Oh wow but i still cant believe it. And yes they are very bizy and really dont pick up thats why i have no where to verify this information. Do. I really not need nclex in Australia. I just cant believe it. And i did check out the requirements but they are very vague like im flying in February the mid so can i complete this application here by myself or do i need someones help? Like i was thinking i only need to take my University transcripts and then go ? If not what else in terms of paper work do i have to take ? Sorry to be redundant but the link is really vague. In other words can i do this application from Australia because right now im packing up and need to prepare to go. So in this case if its really easy i can jusr do it quick and then go. If not then is it doable from there ? Meaning i dont have to come back to pick up any documents. Please help thanks so much . If you could also enmail me i woudl give u my phone number so we could discus. You really helped. Thanks alot.
  5. by   sparticus2008
    You are better off to contact the NMBA to work out the precise requirements. Because NCLEX is a requirement in your home country they may require it, or they may just accept your bachelors.

    the NMBA has what documentation you require, and also the format that they require it in, they are very particular about this. for example Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Supporting Documentation this includes the templates of the letters that you need from your university to show that they met accreditation standards.

    You will need not only your transcript but also your unit outline of what you covered in each unit, you need a record of how many hours of clinical placement you did (need to have done a minimum of 800 hours), you will need the letters about your course as above.

    if you have more specific enquiries I suggest contacting the NMBA
  6. by   shabnamjaan
    Ohh i seee, thank you so much and yes i think so too that i will have to pass the nclex first unfortunately because im not registered in my home country right now as nclex is required and is pending on my application to CNO which is college of nurses of ontario. So thats why i think i will have to pass it still
    And huh okay so since they are very particular in the requirements i think I should personally go to my University and request such letters. Where did u get this information from? The templates of letters and everything? I only see vague requirements for some reason. Thanks again for all ur help. I really appreciate it.
  7. by   shabnamjaan
    ALso would you happen to know what they mean by certifying all documentation . If im taking all that information form here University cant the proffessors and University staff just certify meaning they sign it or what? And if not in here then how can someone ceritfy it for me in Australia when i will be taking the documents d from here? Please help
  8. by   Silverdragon102
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  9. by   caliotter3
    I noticed that you mentioned bringing your transcripts with you. Don't know how it is in Aus or Canada, but in many of the US states, one can not present the transcripts themselves. The transcripts must come directly from the institution in a sealed envelope. Might want to clarify that with your other questions.
  10. by   shabnamjaan
    Yes you see that is why it is really confusing theres no clear answer on this links as to what exactly to bring with me. Abd my flight is due soon i really wish to get some clarification ☹️
  11. by   Spymandalinus
    When I applied from South Africa, I had to provide notarised copies of my documents. Transcripts had to AHPRA had to be sent directly from SANC and directly from my place of education. They also looked at my registration, so frankly I'm not sure that they'll accept your registration without NCLEX being done, if that is what is required to register in Ontario.
    I hope your registration goes better than mine!
  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    How long have you known you were making this big move? I'm a little confused as to why it's suddenly so urgent; usually this type of life change takes planning, organization and (lots of) time. So I would think this should have been something to look into a long time ago, not weeks before you're moving. I'm also confused as to why you're not working as a nurse now but will be jumping into it ASAP once you move. You will have to pass an entry-to-practice exam and you will have to provide a reasonable answer to why you're only doing it now. If not to the regulatory body, then to prospective employers who will want to know about the gap. Give that some thought and have your answers at the ready.