NNAS experience?

  1. Does anybody have any experience with NNAS? So far, I've read the site but it would be great to hear from people who have gone through the process
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I haven't seen anyone post about their application with NNAS, guess many are still going through the process
  4. by   stephen040492
    Hi jmariel! I'm a Philippine registered nurse and I would like to give you my insight regarding the NNAS as much as I can. I started my application with NNAS (for the province of nova scotia) on October last year. Basing from my experience,upon sending the documents in CGFNS/NNAS office, it took 2 weeks before the documents reflected on my advisory report. As what NNAS told me, when documents are received, it would take 6-8 weeks for the office to evaluate your documents to see if it's authentic, and to check if it meets the promulgated requirement and standard. After which, another advisory report is going to be sent to inform you regarding the next steps . For now, I can only speculate the probabilities and trust what NNAS told me because at this stage, I'm still waiting.
  5. by   googlenurse07
    Hi Silverdragon,

    I've been wanting to pm you but I cannot since this site requires me 15 thingy to do that.
    I noticed you are a successful nurse in nova scotia, the province which I am applying for.
    I am still going through my NNAS advisory report. so for the meantime, how is the nurse employment
    status there in nova scotia? How is it like to live there? I am currently living in Montreal, a busy city.
    I chose nova scotia to get away from a crowded city. Do you think I'm doing the right thing?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    I love NS. Jobs I am seeing less and less advertised. I know my local health authority hasn't advertised for several months. Halifax advertise a lot but doesn't mean the jobs will actually get filled. Most nurses appear to start casual and move towards full or part time positions
  7. by   googlenurse07
    Well i guess I'll just hope for the best. One more question tho, do you possibly know if the competence assessment of CRNNS has a fee to pay? I am just a bit worried because the SEC assessment in other provinces is free and maybe CRNNS' not.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    The college should be able to tell you if it is not posted on their website. I have always found them to be reasonable in their times to return emails
  9. by   tamiko17
    I started the application process in August 2014, and I am still working through it now. I am currently waiting for all of my documents to be approved. I found that the website was user friendly and pretty straight forward. My only issue was that I was unaware that I needed to send Identity Documents to them so I got stuck spending another 30$ to send and 50$ for a notarized ID documents.
    It would have been easier if there was a form provided for the ID documents.
    I just found out yesterday that all of the documents had been received, but it's overall been a very long and tedious process.
  10. by   tamiko17
    I'm Canadian, I went to the United States for University to play varsity soccer. I'm a licensed registered nurse in Ohio.

    It's definitely pricey. Around $800 for the report and then $50 to pay a lawyer to sign off on the identity documents. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one confused about the identity documents. My report was delayed because I sent my identity documents after I'd sent the rest of the application. I agree that it would be more straight forward if there was a proper form requesting them.

    Anyways, I completed a full BScN degree, and my advisory report came back saying that for the most part, my education was "'Not Comparable' to meet the minimal standard of Canadian entry-to-practice education."

    So there's that. I'm disappointed to say the least.
  11. by   stephen040492
    @tamiko17 I also got the same report. I finished my BScN degree from the Philippines and for the most part, it's not comparable. I have waited for almost a year! It's quite disappointing. By the way, I also experienced the same problem regarding the identification documents. Before my advisory was released, they asked me to send a copy of my notarized ID documents (which I already did before).
  12. by   Philrnusuk
    That's very disappointing. Iam also waiting for my advisory report. I've passed the IELTS and the NCLEX RN for the state of NY, currently an RN in the UK. A UST BSN (Philippines) graduate . World education services recognized my degree from the Phils. I hope and pray NNAS will do the same.
  13. by   itslizziebaby
    @Philrnusuk I also passed the NCLEX RN exam in NY and just started with my NNAS application. I just wanted to ask have you added your NY License to be verified by NNAS? If yes, how did you send the documents to the OP NYSED to get your license verified? Thanks in advance
  14. by   Yournurse88
    Hi I'm also a USRN and did the NNAS processing. I was disappointed too when I got the 'not comparable' report I just received last saturday from NNAS. Now they want me to apply to the board where i wanted to practice. I am just concerned and worried about how this report affect my application to the board. Will this mean i have to take 2 long years of schooling? And I am really don't know yet where to transfer since i'm in love with Montreal yet career wise is so stagnant and unfavorable for non bilinguals. Please can you advice which province has the shortest processing time to become a nurse and is open for sponsoring siblings. Thanks!