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hi y'all! just want to ask how can i get a permit to take the NCLEX in Saipan?pls reply with my post:confused:. and how long will i wait for them to reply? and another thing, what can i expect in... Read More

  1. by   lawrence01
    All non-US testing centers will charge an additional $150 as an "Int'l fee" w/c is in addition to the $200 registration fee.

    Note that the extra $150 "Int'l fee" is not automatically charged when an appointment has not been made. Example, once you registered to pearsonvue on-line you will be charged the $200 and you will be prompted to choose a testing center location. You will then able to see all slots for that testing center location and it is on real-time, meaning it changes (opens and closes) as it is made available or reserved. To be able to reserve a slot and make an appointment for non-US testing centers an applicant has to call up a certain number to do so and request the operator to make an appointment for a particular date - this is only when that the $150 is charged to you (by giving them a credit card number). As long as you don't call them up and make that reservation then you are not charged the $150 and you can change your testing center.

    Making an appointment would be via phone and there seems to be no toll-free number posted anymore on their website for the Asia-Pacific region unlike a year ago when there was even a dedicated toll-free number esp. for calls coming from the Philippines.

    Some nurses claim that the toll-free number still works even though it is not posted anymore.
  2. by   kookhy
    hi guys, what's the website that i can go to, to ask for a VEP because my travel agent can't provide it for me
  3. by   lawrence01
    Quote from kookhy
    hi guys, what's the website that i can go to, to ask for a VEP because my travel agent can't provide it for me
    Try canvassing 1st for other travel agencies that do or go direct to Continental airlines.

    You can request one on this website and follow the instructions.
  4. by   msdreamchaser
    to kookhy... jus pm me and ill assist yuo with the vep... i just received my vep grant today...
  5. by   hopeful_nurse
    Quote from lawrence01
    Oops, I was referring to change of Board of Nursing and not change in test centers. Sorry for the mix-up.

    Yah that almost confused me because we have the same case, also have a problem in having a visa or VEP for guam and saipan
  6. by   mtjmnov
    Hi, is there really a fee for the VEP, I chanced to call at a travel agency and the person told me that I will pay 1,900+ for the VEP
  7. by   lawrence01
    Actually, no. You can do it on your own if you want by going to the website I provided above. Just click immigration services.

    That fee he quoted maybe just for their troubles of doing it for you.
    I say it's fair enough. Some do it for no extra cost, though.
  8. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you Lawrence, it's a big help. My husband and my daughter will accompany me, that's why I am looking for the cheapest package and ways to lessen the wreckage of my husband's pocket
  9. by   msdreamchaser
    most of the agency asks for a fee for vep process but its easier and cheaper if you'll do it yourself...
  10. by   mtjmnov
    Thank you ^same^, yeah, I will do it myself. I have time because my exam is in April
  11. by   hopeful_nurse
    TO mS. Suzanne and anyone who can be of help:

    so my exam in saipan is on april 27
    I am to start my first step to have a permit to entry
    Big thanks to Mr. Lawrence firstly.

    1. How much is the application process altogether
    2. you said to send it in the email but I read in the application form to send to mail on the indicated address Division of Immigration
    Office of the Attorney General
    Afetna Sqaure Building
    San Antonio Village
    P.O. Box 10007

    3.ANd if on email, did you mean to send the application form tru email exactly one month before the exam or at least a month, so in my case can i send it as early as this week?

    4. I shall have to book already my flight , as Ive read that a round trip ticket is required as early as now ? And will you please just give me the travel agency you went to. ?
    5. It was written there that a certified true copy of the passport is needed, and u said it was not needed? what if tru mail ? and also for email sending , scanning of the Cert. true copy of passport would be needed?

    Hope to hear form you all thanks in advance

  12. by   hopeful_nurse
    JUst to add to anyone who needs my my email for their replies its Big thanks
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  13. by   lawrence01
    Already gave you my answer thru PM.