Nurse Practitioners req. doctorate in 2013?

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Hi All,

Sorry if this has been posted, but I had to ask. Is it true that Nurse Practitioners will need to earn a doctorates, starting in 2013? If so, is there any hope for RNs, like me, who plan on completing an RN-MSN (Nurse Practitioner) program starting in 2013?

I would go sooner..but I can't afford to. I was planning on starting an RN-MSN program to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. With this new law...should it even go into effect..would I be grandfathered in..or have to go back to school for 2 years? Very confused and would appreciate if someone could shed the light.

As a woman, I have always wanted to focus on Nursing, become an NP, and open my own clinic, one day. It seemed like a way for me to do what I love, and not spend 10-12 years in college, as I do want to start a family..esp. due to my age...but if I learn that I will require the total 8 years of schooling...truthfully..I rather switch to a pre-med track right now..because it was one of the things I wanted to do..but I love nursing and got into it for the quick opps, etc.

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There is NO legislation that a DNP will be required by any specific date. Its still in the suggestion stage.

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doctorate will not be required in 2015....while they are trying to make it a standard it isnt yet

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I think to add a specialty if you are already an NP isn't that difficult. My understanding is that you need to go through the specific clinical work and, if required, the specialty didactic work. There are some schools that offer this specifically in what they call "post-Master's certificate" programs.

I'm not sure how the DNP is going to affect these's hard to know. It's a good question. I would bet there isn't really a good answer for this yet and it's going to be a "time will tell" sort of deal.

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