Will I ever get my APN license???

  1. Hello all advanced practice nurses! I will graduate in a couple of weeks and will be elligible to obtain APN licensure from my state board. My state (Arkansas) requires a certification exam. Here is what I understand about the timeline for licensure:
    1) I will recieve permission to test through ANCC after they recieve my application and transcripts. This could take 8-10 weeks.
    2) I then schedule and take exam. I'll know immediately if I passed
    3) I then have to wait another 8-10 weeks for the BON to issue my licensure
    Okay, so if I understand this correctly I'm looking at up to 4 months between the time I graduate and the time I obtain my license. This is crazy!!!!!
    I already have a job lined up and they are wanting to know when I can start. They don't want me to start before I am licensed. I'm really worried that this opportunity will be history by the time I'm able to start working.
    So anyway, what I was wanting to know from you all is this:
    1) How long did it take you to obtain licensure after graduation?
    2) Did it take as long as ANCC and your BON estimated it would take?
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  3. by   Dr. Tammy, FNP/GNP-C
    Congrats and I feel your anxiety as I graduate (gulp) July 15. Check to see if your BON will accept AANP. If so, this is what I was told by Paul Baca, testing coordinator for AANP regarding AANP certification testing:
    (1) You can submit your application before your official date of graduation.
    (2) They will approve you to test pending completion of both clinical and theory, even if that date is before you graduate. They will need documentation of such directly from your school. In my case it will be approximately 4 weeks prior.
    (3) Once you have passed the test, they will hold your passing score and not send to BON until AANP receives documentation from your school in the form of an official transcript that you have graduated.
    (4) This can occur on or after the day after you graduate, depending on how quickly your school gets their act together.

    Context and Caveats
    As always there are things to consider:
    (1) I was first told by AANP that I could test at any time within one year of graduation. When I told this to my professors and they called back, the receptionist appologized for misinforming us.
    (2) When I talked with Mr. Baca, later that day, he clarified the above information.
    (3) As of this post, I have sent two emails requesting writen verification of the above, both of which have not had any response.

    Bottom line
    If the above is true, this could shave weeks off of your time waiting for AANP to approve your application because you do not have to wait until you graduate. ANCC indicated that although you can apply beforehand, the likelyhood of having your paperwork lost increases significantly. At least they are honest.
  4. by   Gator FNP
    I would stay with the ANCC vs AANP for certification. There are many threads on how AANP certification process is very long. Several have also commented on customer service lacking.
    I graduated 4 years ago in Florida, the ANCC tells you 8-10 weeks, but it did not take that long to process, also receive test results on computer immediately and a letter stating I passed was quick as well.
    I would check with the BON on the time frame to obtain NP license.
  5. by   emmycRN
    Thanks for the info. I do plan to test through ANCC. I'm glad to hear that, at least in your case, it didn't take the full 8 weeks. I'm so anxious to get my license and get to work. All of the paperwork for licensure, RX protocols, collaborative practice agreement, ect is REALLY stressing me out. I never once questioned my ability to get through school, but now that I'm through I'm wondering if I'll ever get through the licensing process.
  6. by   Smitty08
    You will get there, and yes, it can be a time consuming process. It also varies from state to state. Here in CT there is an additonal step, obtaining a controlled substance registration, in addition to the federal DEA......Good luck!
  7. by   lifelong
    Hi there,
    Yeah, it takes a long while. I graduated in November 20th, submitted things 2 weeks after graduation to AACN (needed transcripts and it took a few weeks for the university to close the books and send to me).

    I verified with AACN received then they took the holidays off, closed for Martin Luther King and the Inauguration. So, it took the full 8 weeks for me to get my "ticket" to test. Meanwhile during those 8 weeks, I submitted everything I could to my BON with a typed note saying awaiting certification examination approval. The BON emailed receipt of getting my stuff, then we all waited for me to test. 9 weeks later, I took the test, passed and results are immediately available to send to the BON...but it took a number of phone calls to AACN to make that happen. Everyone at AACN thought someone else did it (you get the picture). OK, so then that happened...now another wait. BON posted "pending" for COA (which in my state is required first before CTP-E) and after 3 weeks after emails and calls they posted approved. I ASSUMED since my initial email and all calls about COA they would immediately process my CTP-E (remember all applications mailed together the APN division of the BON). Nope another phone call, 5 weeks later my CTP-E processed. OK, now I can apply for NPI and DEA. Neither one a big deal. Applied for both on a Thursday got my NPI over that weekend and DEA received in mail on following Tuesday. APPLY ONLINE for DEA and pay the extra postage for tracking EVERYTHING!!! Needless to say I have everything now in April.

    Do you know the BON still hasn't cashed one of my checks...but I have everything I need.
  8. by   sandnnw
    You've got it! Key steps:

    1. Send everything together...OVERNIGHT. Yes, it costs $20, but who cares, you have already spent $$$$$, what's $20? Include a gift card in the packet with a hand-written thank you note for "helping with your career." You'd be surprised how well this works!

    2. SCAN everything and get the e-mail of the folks you talk to. Send the scanned images to that person, telling them, your packet is being overnighted.

    3. Send SEALED transcripts, not copies and then hope your school sends it. Don't depend upon anyone but yourself to get this done.

    4. A lot of the applications can be done BEFORE you graduate. Don't wait to have your director sign the ANCC form. AANP requires no signature! Get the state forms done and get to know your BON licensing clerk. Let them know how important they are to your career. Remember that gift card from Sonic! Get their e-mail and send them everything you send/get from ANCC/AANP.

    5. Don't forget to tell ANCC/AANP which state to send the results to. This is not clearly noted on the application process. This can be sent overnight if you give ANCC/AANP a account number from UPS/Fedex.

    These steps can shave weeks, if not more than a month, off your licensing process. Good luck!
  9. by   Sigmeister
    I just graduated as an Adult NP from the University of Oklahoma. I sent my application to AANP the middle of March. They were very quick to charge my credit card on the 20th of March. I was the first in my class to send the application. Now, ten weeks later, my class mates are scheduling their exams, and I still have nothing from AANP. We graduated last week. I have a job lined up, but can't schedule my exam. I call AANP daily. They keep telling me that my application is still pending and that they just started working on the new testing window (May-August) a couple of weeks ago. That is not true, since my class mates have already scheduled their exams. My best friend received her AANP paperwork 3 weeks ago!
    Does anyone have any suggestions what to do about their lack of delivering service for the hundreds of dollars they received? I am thinking about calling my credit card company to see what they can do, since I am not getting anything for my money.