why do I feel so guilty?

  1. I have my own practice at home as a menopause consultant. I have had really bad flu and had to re-schedule 2 appointments and now i feel guilty! I have never had to do this before!
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  3. by   zenman
    So...you're feeling guilty about preventing your clients from getting your illness?
  4. by   ddt4u
    hehe. well, I Know I would hate to give them the flu i have but it's just before xmas and they need help too. how many of you have gone to work with fevers????
  5. by   RN4NICU
    If my doc/PA/NP came to work with a fever and I caught what he/she had, I would be pretty upset, considering that he/she should know better. I would rather my appointment just be rescheduled. When considering your clients' needs, remember their need to be protected from unnecessary illness.
  6. by   ddt4u
    thanks, I needed a kick in the butt!! I know I made the right decision. flu is getting better and so my thinking is improving!
    sorry for the sad face and thanks for the support. sometimes it's lonely being english speaking and practicing in another language....
  7. by   sirI
    Hello, ddt4u,

    I rather figured you were just feeling ill and not really thinking straight. Hope you feel better and very soon.

    Come on back here for some great conversation and interaction with us. Glad to have you.