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I am speaking primarily from two perspectives here: 1. The degree to which NP's are accepted, recognized, and utilized in that area/state. 2. The degree to which state law recognizes NP's, and... Read More

  1. by   nomadcrna
    I guess my agreeing with the Arizona officials and applauding that they are trying to protect the citizens offsets your nay vote. I also agree with Arizona attempting to stem the tide of illegal aliens. As one who comes from Arizona and has seen first hand the immense amounts of money, our money that goes to supporting illegal aliens, I could not agree more.

    Go Jan Brewer. Keep up the good work.
  2. by   linearthinker
    Clearly, we don't have common ground here (I too live in a state that is home to many undocumented persons) but as the issues aren't going to be solved on allnurses, I say we agree to disagree and live to fight another day.
  3. by   TravelGtr
    Quote from Roland
    I am speaking primarily from two perspectives here:
    1. The degree to which NP's are accepted, recognized, and utilized in that area/state.

    2. The degree to which state law recognizes NP's, and grants them autonomy, and privledges such as the ability to write prescriptions.
    Best is Washington state by a mile. I practiced in Florida and felt like I couldn't diagnose a cough without being second-guessed by the MD. In Washington, there are a TON of NP-run clinics. If you ask a Washington state resident who their primary is, there's a good chance they'll pull out the doctor's office business card and 'ARNP' will be written next to the primary's name.
  4. by   al dente
    The Pearson Report ranks Arizona as the best state in the nation to practice as a NP - a 100% rating. NPs here are completely autonomous and have been for a decade. NP independent practice here is commonplace and widely accepted by the public. Salaries are very good too - PMHNPs in the public sector start at ~120K.

    As for the politics, the national attention the state has received is not the day-to-day experience of living here. Phoenix, on the whole, does tend to lean conservative, but it is now the 5th largest city in the US and all walks of life are represented and readily apparent. Prior to Jan Brewer as the current governor, Janet Napolitano was governor and did an excellent job. She would still be governor but, as you may recall, she resigned to become Secretary of Homeland Security when asked by President Obama. The politics here is colorful, but it is not homogenous.

    Tucson, on the other hand, is a bastion of progressive ideas and liberalism and is called the 'Berkley of the Southwest.' There is a palpable 'cowboy culture' if you look for it, but it is not 'redneck' by any means. I have found people here to be highly intelligent, well-read, activist-minded, cultured, and very friendly.

    If you are considering where to practice as a NP, check out AZ - as long as you like constant sunshine.
  5. by   MassagetoRN
    Al dente,
    I live in AZ. Thanks for putting into words exactly how I see my wonderful state. I'm an AZ native. I'd also like to add that it's a beautiful state with amazing weather 9 months a year. We've got a great outdoor lifestyle and it's a few hour drive from California, Mexico, Vegas, and even skiing here in AZ! I love it here and don't wanna live anywhere else!
  6. by   zenman
    Now that I'm licensed in AZ and credentialed by Megellan, I may be heading that way next year. Al dente, I need a place with people friendly to alternative therapies also and who don't mind paying out of pocket for it.
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  7. by   Psychcns
    AZ is one of the 14 states where I am not allowed to prescribe as a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist There is a need for psych np work in AZ. I can only work in a psych np role in AZ if the job is in a government facility. I was certified in 1993 before the psych np came about and I can prescribe psych meds in 34 states but not Arizona.
  8. by   Pug RN
    Louisiana sucks (pardon me, I can't think of another word) to be a nurse period.

    We moved here last year and despite the fact that my boss is awesome, I hate the way nurses are treated. When I got accepted into my FNP program I'm starting in the fall, they told me that I would not be able to do clinicals in Louisiana. Guess what, it's just a ticket out of this state as a nurse, even if it's a tough one.