Practice tests and AANP exam

  1. I am wondering how you all scored on your practice tests and still passed the AANP.

    I am studying the Fitzgerald review book (took the live seminar as well) and the Leik reveiw book.

    I am scoring higher on the Leik exams (around mid 70's-80%) and about mid 60's-70 percent on the Fitzgerald questions. I have almost two weeks left and am still plugging away at the questions in both books but am feeling the pressure of time and getting a little nervous.

    I also purchased the Fitzgerald online reveiw questions and have been saving them to really see how I would score on an exam...does anyone else recommmend other practice tests that are representative of the exam?

    Thanks for any advice!
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  3. by   carachel2
    The Fitzgerald questions are a rip off...they are the same ones covered in her live seminar. My scores on tests varied wildly between 60-90% which was enough to make me horribly depondent or scarily overconfident depending on the day! As you study, remember BASIC BASIC BASIC as far as disease processes, etc.
  4. by   lizRN1982
    I am also having this issue and am scoring about a 70% on average with the Leik and APEA practice questions. My exam is on the 24th and I am stressing!!! I would love to hear from people who were in the same situation and went on to pass.
  5. by   Dixiecup
    Some areas I scored 90% while others maybe 20%! The areas I was week in are of course the ones I scored low in!

    I wrote down all the questions I got wrong in a different notebook and then went back and studied those.

    I reviewed about four different review books and I truly believed it really helped having the diversity.
  6. by   SAM49
    I am just beginning my studies and found all of your tips really helpful - could you let me know what 4 review books you used?
    Thanks Sam
  7. by   Dixiecup
    I'll try to find the names and post them tomorrow. (of course one was Fitzgerald, but if I had studied only that one I don't think I would have passed).

    It helps to go over general guidelines also. Just reading through them (like JN7 HTN guidelines, asthma guidelines, etc.) You can find all of these on the National Guidelines Clearinghouse site. It is a great reference site and I plan on using it frequently in my practice.The instructors really stressed to use this site for guideline information and I can see why. Just reading through them, joggs your memory of things you may have forgotten from school because the class was so long ago!

    I know the older NP's on here are probably tired of hearing everyone asking about and freaking out about the exam but to those of us who are just taking it or have recently taken it, I know it's all you can think about and want every shred of help possible. Especially if you have failed the test once (yes, I am in that catagory!) it's even worse.
  8. by   Dixiecup
    The review books I used were Fitzgerald, Hollier, Kidd & Robinson and a book by JoAnn Zerwekh. The last book I mentioned was outstanding, I highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the exam.
  9. by   KJLewis
    I highly recommend Amelie's Hollier's practice question and answer books.
  10. by   dojo2
    I am using Fitzgerald and Hollier. I test on July 9 and I am trying to study a couple of hours everyday. I am on my third round of listening to Fitzgerald CDs and have found them quite helpful.
  11. by   Kangoshi_
    whoa..... i need some serious advice here. I am studying out of the Fitzgerald Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation 3rd edition book.

    In Chapter 3, skin disorders, I am totally in disagreement with the MRSA answers. Did anyone else have an issue with these?????

    Feeling grumpy and worried.
  12. by   sirI
    Please note some posts have been removed.

    Please do not discuss items on the examination. When we took the exam, we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. BON have disciplined nurses for this in the past, even to the point of refusal to license the individual and/or revocation of license for violation of NPA regarding ethics and behavior unbecoming.
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