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  1. I have officially accepted my first NP job and will be starting in the next month or so. I am working on all the paperwork. Has anyone just recently applied for their NPI and DEA? I am completely LOST on how to do this! Any help/tips would be so helpful!

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  3. by   TheSquire
    Your employer should handle your NPI. The DEA varies by state; often you need a collaborating agreement and/or a controlled substance license (or something similar) before you can get a DEA number. Your employer should know the drill, unless they've never hired an NP before.
  4. by   rnBSN223
    They have never hired a NP before. Is the NPI number attached to their business/ my job?
  5. by   djmatte
    I applied for my own npi and left the employer info blank. No problem. DEA may or may not need an instate controlled med license first. Dependent on state rules. Mine does.
  6. by   TheSquire
    Quote from rnBSN223
    They have never hired a NP before. Is the NPI number attached to their business/ my job?
    To my understanding, it's intricately involved with billing, insurance, etc., which is why your first employer usually takes care of it - they have a vested interest in getting paid for your work. Once you have your NPI, though, it follows you around forever.
  7. by   juan de la cruz
    Even if they haven't worked with an NP before, the practice should be familiar with the process because it is very similar to a new physician who is applying for NPI number and DEA license. You can do these on your own, however.

    To apply for NPI, go to: 400 Bad Request. You basically create a new account. This process is a free so just follow the steps on that website. While you may not be required to list an employer, you should associate your NPI number with the practice you're working under.

    To apply for a DEA, go to: DEA New Registration Applications - Welcome Screen. This is not free ($750), so you should check if the employer will pay for it. Also check with your state if you need additional documents before applying.

    Best to speak to the practice manager or whoever is in charge of physician on-boarding where you will be working. You will also need to be enrolled into Medicare. The practice should be fairly familiar with these requirements.
  8. by   rnBSN223
    Thank you everyone! I spoke with my employer and applied myself, using the business address. I now have my NPI number! Thanks for all your help
  9. by   BostonFNP
    I always caution people when getting their own NPI prior to having a job: if you use your home address or phone for the NPI number that is a publicly searchable database meaning a patient could search you and find out your home address/phone.
  10. by   rnBSN223
    Thank you! I used my new job's address! Definitely important to keep in mind tho.