NP making six figures?

  1. Hey all,

    The general salary figure I hear for NPs disappoints me as I'm sure it disappoints the NPs!! I mean an NP providing primary care which includes prescribing medication, diagnosing medical illness, and paying substantial malpractice insurance and only getting arround $70K is disgusting!
    Is there any place in the country where NPs get paid $100K+? Maybe agency or something? Thanks.
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  3. by   salvati08
    hello, I am not a np, but have been doing research and I think you start out at about 70,000, and I am sure you would make more in a few years. but honestly I hope someone else answers your question because I would like to know that for myself!
  4. by   pinny
    As an NP looking for my first job, the range for primary care NP's seems to range anywhere from the low $50,000 range to the mid $70,000 range. Of course, it depends on where you work... I know the west coast and the east coast pay more towards the $70,000 range. I am not sure if the pay range is any more varied for acute care NP's in the hospital setting? However, I have never heard of any NP who makes more than $80,000 let alone close to $100,000. Can anyone else out there give us any more information?
  5. by   dreamon
    Hi everybody, according to, NPs (that work in specialty care) in Anchoaage,AK can make 92,000+. I assume you get that pay with many years experience though. That was the highest I have found so far.
    Orange County, CA and Washington DC 75%ile pay rate was 85,000 and 81,000 respectively.
    I am not working at the moment, so I am not sure if the website is correct/ or incorrect about the pay rate. But when I read about how much money some nurses make in different articles, then went to and compared, it matched what was reported in the article.

    But I am sure it wont be correct for everyone's salary.
  6. by   dreamon
    I meant Anchorage,AK....sorry, LOL
  7. by   lalaxton
    Hello all,
    I know of 2 NP's that make $100,00+, both work as ACNP's with surgeons, no doubt part of their salary is recouped by billing as first assists. You can make more if you are in an area that has a greater need (perhaps like Alaska) but as many areas are getting saturated with NP's you need to be creative and have experience to make that kind of money in most specialties.
  8. by   zacarias
    Lalaxton and dreamon,

    Thanks for the information on NP salaries. To be an RN First Assist, do you need to be an Acute Care NP, or can you just be a Family NP?
  9. by   lalaxton
    I am not that familiar with first assists but do not think that you need to be ACNP or FNP, actually one of the two NP's I mentioned went through an FNP program and I believe the other did ACNP. It may be different depending on the state you live in. Ask around in your state.
  10. by   glascow
    I live in Louisiana, and NPs make an avg of 70,000. The higher paid ones, around 100,000, work with CV surgeons or cardiologists and work hard! They make rounds on pts in the hospital, write orders, discharge, etc. They also take lots of call. I work night shift in SICU, when I need to call the MD for a problem, I am always connected to the NP, she will give me orders. The only time I get to talk to the surgeon is if he needs to bring the pt back to OR. The NPs in these position had been ICU nurses for a long time prior to becoming an NP. The MDs they work for already new them and respected them, I think this is probably why he gives them the responsibility. Also, I used to dread calling the MD in the middle of the night, they were always so rude! Now when I have a problem with a pt, I get to call and speak to one of my friends that I worked with for yrs., I love it!
    Nurses working in MD office, not taking call or rounding in the hospitals, make about 60,000 in Louisiana.
    Hope this helps.
  11. by   teeituptom
    I cant afford the cut in pay
  12. by   Dave ARNP
    I know a ACNP/FNP who is making around $115,000 a year. Little more in a good one.

    This NP is working with a MD who see's him as an equal, and does not "look down" on him, or even see him as Mid-Level.

    The agreement, per contract, states that the NP takes the same amount of billing per patient as the MD. Just as the physician, he contributes to practice costs, and the like.

    Just as the phyiscian, he collects only what what is actually COLLECTED.

    This NP does the same hostpial work, ER work, and clinic work that the MD does.

    He also takes equal call with the MD.

    FYI, this is a priviately owned clinic. NP has imput equal to the Physician.

    NP manages staff, just as the Physician.

    I could keep going on and on...
    Basically, NP is Co-MD.

    Clinic is based in a rual area, but is very advanced.

    Took alot of work on the NP's part to get these terms, but was finally able to work them out.

    Who is this NP?

    One might never know

    David Adams
  13. by   EastCoast
    Hi all, new to this site.
    wanted to give my 2 cents.
    like MD terminator's friend my colleague also makes >100,000 this past year.
    she worked her butt off but was a full partner in a 3 man/woman group.
    i am not sure what her final take home was because she is paying for all the expenses involved in running a practice.
    this is in a metropolitan area near a major city.
    she admits to a 300 bed hospital.

    so i guess the cash is out there if you want to put the effort into it.

    good luck
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    Lalaxton and dreamon,

    Thanks for the information on NP salaries. To be an RN First Assist, do you need to be an Acute Care NP, or can you just be a Family NP?



    Not to my knowledge. In Canada, to be an RNFA you must have the following:
    1. Current RN license
    2. 5 yrs. of perioperative nursing experience
    3. Canadian Nurses Association National Certification - CPN(C)
    4. BCLS or ACLS (preferred) current at time of intership
    5. 2 satisfactory RN peer and 1 self evaluation of clinical competence
    6. Satisfactory employer reference
    7. Letter of intent to mentor from surgeon(s)
    8. Application and payment in full
    9. University/college first year english with pass or better

    Check out for more information.
    This is a certification program, not a degree program.

    Hope this helps