Lack of DEA# when working in the hospital (ED)

  1. I have just started working as an Emergency NP, and i don't have my DEA yet.
    we are using a computer based system (Cerner).
    I have full credentials and privileges, but as of now whenever I discharge someone I need to get a hand written scrip from a different provider.

    does anyone have and idea how to remedy this problem and make my day run a little more smoothly?

    only 6 more months until i get my own number.
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  3. by   linearthinker
    What? You have to wait 6 months? Why?

    No, no ideas sorry. I don't have a DEA number (don't think I want one) and haven't started looking for my first job yet.
  4. by   Spacklehead
    Why do you have to wait 6 months before you can get a DEA #? Is this a state thing?

    Here, I had one within a few weeks of applying for it and having my collab. agreement submitted to the state.
  5. by   FNP2B1
    State of California makes you work with a physician for six months before they will give you a "furnishing number".
  6. by   SkiBumNP
    Quote from FNP2B1
    State of California makes you work with a physician for six months before they will give you a "furnishing number".
    Yep, and that is where I am.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we as NPs could get our **** together and have some unifying laws that span all the state.
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  7. by   zenman
    Oh California! I had a DEA # I believe in a week or so but my locums company said they had connections. I wish the place I work for had electronic scripts. I'm getting cramps writing so many!
  8. by   sandnnw
    Can you forward the order or note to the provider? I usually add my supervising MD on all CII's and multiple Rx that I'm personally concerned about (e.g. Lortab/Xanax).

    As well, I'd get a Rx pad, have the Rx all ready except for the signature/stamp. After a few weeks, the providers will get used to this and "may* trust you enough to sign a few each day. Now this is trust with a capital T, but, once you demonstrate competence and they should understand you are in CA, your plight is not of your own making.

    Feel for you, this does slow matters.

    As well, I only have to write Rx for CII's. Does your EMR not e-Rx to Pharmacies? I can't imagine having to write out every script, everyday. Although, duh! in my other "fun" job, I do have to write out each Rx (pain)
  9. by   nomadcrna
    You don't need a DEA number if you are writing order in the hospital. If you right scripts(Scheduled drugs only) for outside, then you need a DEA number.