jobless new grad NP

  1. Any tips on finding a job as a new Adult NP?
    What things should I be looking for?
    Should I compromise and just do anything?
    I have been looking for a job since December. I have passed my boards but sadly I have become no more marketable than before. I know we are in a recession but I need a job. I am interested in oncology and had initally focused my efforts looking for a job in that specialty area. Now I have broadened my hopes to try other things still no success. Do I just take anything to get some experience?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm so sorry you are having such trouble. When I graduated in May 2006 there were no jobs either. Yes, I did take what came along and am happy with it for the most part.

    It has given me 3 years of experience and that is what makes me more marketable. However, there are still few jobs!
  4. by   msmith
    I can sorta relate. I am finishing up my ANP now and will graduate in July. I am looking for jobs as well and so far haven't found anything. I am hoping once I am licensed that this will be an easier process. But then again, who knows, with the economy the way it is, we can never be too sure.
  5. by   kurtzmobile
    That is unfortunate. You should try contacting a recruiter, especially if you are willing to relocate. There are still plenty of jobs out just really have to look. I know...I am a new grad and can relate. I most recently took a position in Interventional Radiology. Foreign to me because I have been a ICU and Progressive care RN plus APN edu does not offer edu in this specialty area. I was fortunate to have completed a clinical rotation with him and we got along very well. If you are willing to relocate, I know there are ONC NP positions in Phoenix and there are positions available in WY. I personally know because of this week and last I had looked into a couple positions. Might be worth a shot. Hope that you found this helpful and good luck with the job hunting!
  6. by   nurselele05
    thank for all your posts.
    sadly i am unable to relocate so i have to work with what's in my geographic location.
  7. by   MissDoodaw
    I am sorry you are having such trouble.
    What area are you in?
    Have you joined your area NP group?
    Any local medical conferences coming up you can attend to network?
    Good Luck!
  8. by   nurselele05
    This may have seemed like a desperate endeavour but .....I went through the yellow pages and called all the oncology private practices in my area to inquire if they were looking for an NP. To my surprise this tactic landed me an interview this week with a private practice oncology outpatient clinic.

    I also have a likely offer from a university based inpatient oncology hospital setting that initially was not interested but is now interested since I have taken and passed my boards. The salary package is quite low and I am not 100% comfotable with the acute care setting being that I am an ANP not an ACNP. I have also had several problems getting through the adminstrative hiring process with this institution. In a nutshell these factors have lead me to be hesitant about this position.

    If offered the job at the priviate practice I would need to choose between private practice and the university based inpatient position.:spin:

    Any thoughts from any seasoned NPs? This is my first job and I would like to make a decision that will be best for my future practice as an NP.

  9. by   MissDoodaw
    What a great situation to be! Congratulations!
  10. by   nurselele05
    I had an interview that I think went very well on yesterday. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was invited back to the practice next week. I think that is a good thing.
  11. by   Sheri FNP-C
    Sorry for what you are going stressful. I graduate next week and know exactly what I want to do, however in this economy I have decided that I may have to start somewhere else to get experience.

    My technique so far is to apply for EVERY np classified ad that I am qualified for. I have probably applied for at least 20 positions. I have had 3 interviews and have a 2nd interview next week for my favorite of all of the positions I have interviewed for. I am quite sure the salary/benefits/schedule are not going to be a dream come true, but I just want to get started in this new role so I plan to take whatever they offer at this point.

    If I don't get a job immediately, I plan to get my NPI and DEA number once I am licensed to hopefully make me that much more marketable.

    Good luck to you!!!
  12. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry for you guys. I know when I graduated in 2006, the market was pretty tight then too.

    As to getting the DEA and NPI, I wouldnt bother - they are expensive and your practice will pic up the cost. Besides, they come pretty quickly and you will some amount of orientation and probably some type of credentialling that will need to be done.
  13. by   jean36
    i read every now and then people talk about opening a private practice as an np, what are the chances of getting patients (referrals) as an np, because personally, i would rather have an md instead of fnp as my pcp (no offence here), and if many people think like me, i am just curious as to how an np would stay afloat.
  14. by   traumaRUs
    Depends on your state practice act. I have learned painfully, the AMA and some MDs are in the good ole boy's network and won't refer pts to you if you aren't affiliated with an MD.

    That is very dependent on your area of the country though.