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    I am new to home health. I am only in the office 1st thing in the AM. Once i get going for the day I am in the field then I go home from there. I am getting FAT eating out everyday! Not to mention it is expensive. I am worried about bringing my own food becuase there is no place to heat it. Often I am 3o miles from the office at any given day around lunch time. Of course every day is different. It is 100 degrees here in summer... so bringing food that should be cool is not a option. Even a cooler seems like a joke with weather in the 100s. Any ideas from veteran home health nurses on how to map out a meal plan? BTW I :redbeathe my new JOB. Thanks
  2. nurselele05

    ? about DNP accreditation

    Where is the list of dnp programs that are accredited.? I have seen the list for all available programs. But only a few area accreditied right. Please post links if you have info regarding this.
  3. nurselele05

    How to quit an assignment

    i think i will keep working and try to work around the conflicts that i have. the penalty would be too much in the long run
  4. nurselele05

    S.O.S.......How did you find your first NP job?

    If you are interested in a specialty practice look in the local yellow pages and call to ask if they are hiring. It an odd tactic but it worked for me.
  5. nurselele05

    How to quit an assignment

    Can you quit a travel assignment?
  6. nurselele05

    jobless new grad NP

    i have landed the job of my dreams with a private practice oncologist. i am very excited about my new career
  7. nurselele05

    Help me decide between 2 Nursing schools

    RN route is best. you can always go to a review course for the NCLEX. An LPN is fine for people who only want to provide that level of care and have no aspirations to going for the RN. also those with kids and life situations that my be complicated to do the RN route but my suggestion is to do what you want first instead of piecing together a path to the same goal. you are more likely to get to your goal if you set out to do what you really want.
  8. nurselele05

    jobless new grad NP

    People choose to be NPs for different reasons and have lived much different lives than MDs before they complete thier education. For many MDs they enter thier career at a different point in life most in their early 20-30s with the expectation that moving goes with their career path. For many of my classmates who are well established in thier lives moving would mean moving thier teenagers to a new school, expecting a spouse to get a new job and buying a new home at the ripe age of 40-50 y/o. Lets get real NPs don't go to school to move around the country and chase a dream job most of us have a life already established and we are enhancing our personal career aspirations. Moving does not fit into the picture. For some people who are unattached to spouse and or kids relocation is a reasonable consideration. Not to mention if we were going to be making 100-300k i would have a different perspective on moving cross country but for the money we make its not worth the trouble to relocate.
  9. nurselele05

    jobless new grad NP

    I had an interview that I think went very well on yesterday. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was invited back to the practice next week. I think that is a good thing.
  10. nurselele05

    jobless new grad NP

    This may have seemed like a desperate endeavour but .....I went through the yellow pages and called all the oncology private practices in my area to inquire if they were looking for an NP. To my surprise this tactic landed me an interview this week with a private practice oncology outpatient clinic. I also have a likely offer from a university based inpatient oncology hospital setting that initially was not interested but is now interested since I have taken and passed my boards. The salary package is quite low and I am not 100% comfotable with the acute care setting being that I am an ANP not an ACNP. I have also had several problems getting through the adminstrative hiring process with this institution. In a nutshell these factors have lead me to be hesitant about this position. If offered the job at the priviate practice I would need to choose between private practice and the university based inpatient position. Any thoughts from any seasoned NPs? This is my first job and I would like to make a decision that will be best for my future practice as an NP. Thanks
  11. nurselele05

    jobless new grad NP

    thank for all your posts. sadly i am unable to relocate so i have to work with what's in my geographic location.
  12. nurselele05

    Youngest NP?

    I am a 25 y/o Adult NP
  13. nurselele05

    AANP exam--prep for adult NP?

    i did the Kellermann live review. It was very helpful. I reccomend her question book it has 1000 questions with explanations. Her methods are effective for the ANCC or AANP adult NP exams
  14. nurselele05

    Adult NP ??

    I am in the same geographic area. Been here since 12/08 looking for work. I am a currently a travel RN. I wish I could lock down something but jobs seem very few in this area.
  15. nurselele05

    jobless new grad NP

    Any tips on finding a job as a new Adult NP? What things should I be looking for? Should I compromise and just do anything? I have been looking for a job since December. I have passed my boards but sadly I have become no more marketable than before. I know we are in a recession but I need a job. I am interested in oncology and had initally focused my efforts looking for a job in that specialty area. Now I have broadened my hopes to try other things still no success. Do I just take anything to get some experience?