Hospital Admitting Privelidges

  1. Does anyone have any info. regarding FNP and hospital admitting or hospital privelidges in general. There seems to be a big disconnect (lack of continuity of care) at this point. Is it due to finances (more beneficial to have the NP at the office seeing pt.'s - usually only a few pt.'s in the hospital) or other reasons (need for acute care skills) or MD fear of the NP. I read in some initial threads in '04 that there is a credentialing fee at most hospitals after which you have privelidges.

    Any articles or any help!!!!!
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  3. by   Melina
    This article gives some good general info:

  4. by   gauge14iv
    Remember too that while billing *IN* the office is frequently "incident to" in many places because the physician is right there, hospital services might not be billed that way - so the reimbursement may not be as appealing for the doc as having the NP in the office. (Of course that will vary with the kind of practice and setting)
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Many MD's get around this by admitting the patient and then having the NP round on the pt. I know a large surgical practice that employs several APN's and they round on the pt and then consult with the MD. The practice where I work - the APN's round on the weekends in the hospital, write the progress note, do initial consults, then consult with the MD and together a plan is proposed.
  6. by   sirI
    Where I am associated, I have admit privileges. Round on patients (mine and the physician). Consult on all admits, write progress notes, discharge, etc. This is something that is based on the individual entity involved. No hard, set rules regarding privileges. Mine are renewed yearly via medical board review.
  7. by   gauge14iv
    Our office is next to a hospital - the hospital will not accept my sig if I send a patient over there for an x-ray, diabetic ed, a CT, or other outpatient services.

    Which is fine - there are plenty of OTHER places which take my sig without any problem
  8. by   dory2
    Thank you everyone. This was really helpful information and the article was fantastic.