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  1. I'm a new grad NP and am hoping to find someone who does something similar (not the fact that I will not use my skills in the job). I had a phone interview with a 'functional medicine' company's recruiter at Access2integration. While functional medicine interests me, I'm not sure that this would be functional medicine. Has anyone had any experience with this company? The recruiter stated I would be doing mostly trigger point/joint injections, stem cell injections, and weight loss, preventative care after training ( I think only a couple of days) if selected for the position. I would be working under a chiropractor who integrates services with an np and also has a supervising MD as required by law. The draw for me is that it is only 1 day/week and I currently can not commit to more given my child's current medical needs. I didn't go to np school for nothing, but also don't want to make a bad decision. I asked if I could shadow another np and basically that's not an option. Any thoughts/shared previous experiences would be gladly appreciated.

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    I would think it is a red flag that you can't shadow someone already working there. Certainly the patient would have to be ok with it but I have had many NPs or NP students shadow me and rarely have a patient refuse.
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    The reason I would be unable to shadow another np is bc I would be working as the only np according to the recruiter.
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    I see these jobs posted a lot, I haven't personally met someone who does this role. I would not have a concern about trigger point injections (as long as you received training) but prescribing controlled substance/weight loss med and stem cell injections would make me weary. Also they are hiring you because they can't do what they need you to do ..............but i would be concerned they would be dictating their expectations of what and to whom you provided /approved those services for.
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    Quote from Cindy-20
    The reason I would be unable to shadow another np is bc I would be working as the only np according to the recruiter.
    Their first NP? If so and you are still interested I'd ask to hang out with the chiro for a few hours. See how you get along with him and get a feel for the practice.

    Anything having to do with weight loss medication always raises my eyebrow and I know nothing about the safety or efficacy of stem cell anything so I'd need more information. As mentioned by Rnis do expect they will dictate your practice.
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    I don't have much to add to the NP side of things since I am not one, but this recent case out of California where RNs were doing laser hair removal under the chirpractor's supervision rather than a physician supervision would sure make me leery of wanting to work with one in a professional capacity.

    San Francisco Bay Area Couple Charged with Practicing Medicine Without a License | The DOI Page