Do you feel you need more emotional support as an NP?

  1. Hello! I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner from Idaho and am looking for your opinions. I am considering creating a support network or coaching/mentor program for other healthcare professionals. I know in our field of psych, there is a lot of burnout and stress. I think in general, healthcare providers are an under-served lot. I would love to hear from other providers as far as their job stress and how that impacts their home life.
    I have created an anonymous nine question opinion poll and would love to get some feedback. This is strictly to gather opinions, there is nothing to opt-in to or buy. Thank you so much! The link is attached or feel free to comment below.

    1. Describe your professional role. What field are you in? What is your work setting? Do you work independently or in a team setting? What is your overall level of satisfaction in your current work environment?

    2. Are you able to "disconnect" from work when you are home? If not, what are your biggest obstacles to separating your work and home life?

    3. What keeps you awake at night? What do you spend time worrying about? What are your biggest areas of concern when it comes to work stress?

    4. Are you able to relax, or are you someone who always has to be doing something? Do you struggle with feelings of perfectionism? Do you have any rigid behaviors or beliefs when it comes to your work performance or way of practice?

    5. Are you having any relationship, financial,or health problems due to occupational stress?

    6. Have you ever thought about working with a coach or mentor to get support for any of the issues described above? How do you feel about asking for help in general?

    7. How would you like your life to improve if you were to work with a coach/mentor? What specific outcomes would you like to achieve at work and with your home life? Are there financial or creative goals you would like to work on? Are there any mindset shifts you would like to see if you worked with a mentor or coach?

    8. What are you currently doing for self-care? What is currently working for you? What have you tried that didn't work?

    9. Do you have any spiritual/religious beliefs that are important to you? Would increasing your spiritual connection/intuition be something you are interested in if you were to work with a coach or mentor?

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Illinois Society of Advanced Practice Nurses has a mentor program. It is based on nurses helping nurses.

    1. I work in nephrology - I'm the lead APN with 7 other NPs. We all work autonomously and see each other perhaps once per month, if that. We work very independently but we do talk among ourselves for advice, support, etc.. I've been with the practice for 10 1/2 years.

    2. Yes, I'm able to disconnect for the most part, rarely do I think of work while home.

    3. Nothing r/t work stress

    4. Yes I am someone who has to be busy: I have two jobs, volunteer with two busy activities (fire dept and prison reform group) and I also enjoy spending time with my family.

    5. Nope

    6. (I know this is going to sound like a Mom) but at my age, nope I've developed good coping skills.

    7. I wish I could make the same amt of money sitting in front of computer screen - lol. Telehealth comes to mind.

    8. I wish that I had more time to walk and enjoy nature. However, due to personal stress its hard. Nothing to do with work at all.

    9. I am religious, I believe in God, go to church regularly and enjoy that very much and yes, praying does reduce my stress
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    Thank you for the edit traumaRUS, I apologize for not knowing about posting a survey link, thank you for posting the questions from the survey on here. I realize this won't be anonymous now, but would still love some feedback from other nurses and NP's. From the responses I have received so far on other sites and groups, and of course my own experience, I know we could use more love and support as a profession!
  5. by   Jules A
    Although its too long to hold my attention, the questions aren't bad. I was anticipating a female driven, whiney expectation that our workplaces be nurturing. The short version is I find being a NP far more stressful than I ever could have imagined but I absolutely love it and don't really expect support. What I have found most valuable is the work relationships, many I consider friends who I get together with regularly, that I have fostered over my nursing career with all disciplines. My best jobs have been the result of inside contacts.
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    I couldn't do the questions on my phone and drink my cocoa.

    I'm of a mindset that some elements of life suck and there's just no fixing that. I don't think "support" is necessarily warranted. I
  7. by   OwlNation
    OP- am I missing the link for the survey?
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Staff note: the questions are listed in the first post