Can AGNP's do prenatal/post natal care?

  1. Hey all - been trying to figure this out. Scope of practice documents are not clear. For post-natal, seems like it'd be fine since you are just caring for the birthing parent.

    For pre-natal, it is less clear. From what I can tell so far, FNPs in my program didn't get any extra education about how to do the prenatal visits and I've taken women's health classes and done clinical.

    Anyone have any insight?

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  3. by   Oldmahubbard
    High risk, high lawsuit area.

    Any more questions?
  4. by   baby_goat
    Sure, there are risks. Are you saying yes?
  5. by   LibraSunCNM
    Wait isn't AGNP a geriatric nurse practitioner? Why would you be delivering prenatal care?
  6. by   baby_goat
    AGNP'S are trained to provide care from adolescence to death. Most pre natal care falls within that.i received training & didatic time covering uncomplicated prenatal visits. I'm just trying to understand the scope better and if anyone has specific examples of doing this or knowing legally the limits here. Is helpful for clarification?
  7. by   FullGlass
    At least in California, the laws are not clear on this. Yes, AGNPs care for adults from adolescent through elderly. I didn't receive any education or training beyond basic prenatal (pregnancy test, delivering news and basic counseling, and then referring to ob/gyn). Evidently, some programs do provide basic prenatal training and rotations. If you were indeed educated and trained on basic prenatal, you should be ok. Check with your state's BON. And don't care for anything other than basic prenatal - know when to refer.

    In California, Planned Parenthood will train AGNPs.
  8. by   Julius Seizure
    If it was part of your schooling, I would assume it was technically within your scope. Why else would they have included it in your education?