Any NPs miss being an RN?

  1. From the threads I've read, it seems like most NPs are really happy with their jobs and RNs have mixed opinions about their experiences. I was wondering if there are any NPs that miss their previous jobs as RNs. Does anyone like their RN job better than NP job? Anyone plan on going back to being an RN?

    Pre-nursing student asking.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I loved my ER RN job - great people, totally chaotic, never knew what was coming in the door - loved it!!!!

    I like my APRN job - great people, not chaotic (except occasionally), its "okay."

    Yes, if I had to do it over I would have stayed in the ER. However, 11 years into the APRN gig, can't give up the money now.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Were I in the trajectory for NP, I would have to be very, very certain that I would be getting what I wanted before going through the trouble. I think that many nurses can be very satisfied with just the right RN job. Fantastic NP positions don't seem to be in great abundance. It just seems that way to me.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    Given a choice between working as an RN vs being an NP in the same ICU or hospital I work for, I'd say with no reservation that NP is better. That's saying a lot because the hospital I work for would be the type of place I wouldn't mind working in as an RN. I can't say I miss working as an RN at the bedside because I like my role better and I still have the same team environment, type of schedule, and people I would be working with today as an NP than if I were an RN.
  6. by   It's like a Vit C
    NO WAY! I will never miss the drama associated with bedside nursing care. I worked bedside med/surg for 6 years and would never go back. Long days, holidays, weekends, call bells, floating, broken computers, lazy coworkers, admissions, constantly answering to the nonsense from administration, and always being expected to do more and given less time... And the thing I hated the most: having to wait for your relief if they were late at change of shift!!!! Don't get me wrong i love nursing and the hospital I worked for is mostly to blame for that rant; however, if given a choice between my current np role or bedside RN work, it's a no brainer, and np would win every time.
  7. by   orangepink
    I often miss being a RN because (1) I miss being a bedside nurse, (2) I have way too much student loans as an NP, (3) sometimes, there's way too much responsibilities as a provider.

    I do like being a NP because (1) I like being in a position to make more decisions with a patient's health (which I know, contraindicates my third reason) and (2) my back doesn't hurt as much now that I'm an NP. (3) The pay helps too although I know some ICU nurses who make almost as much as I do right now.

    What I regret the most is that (1) I did not take my chemistry courses seriously. I could have made As and applied for CRNA; (2) that I did not try to apply for OR nursing. I could have been a first assist right now.
  8. by   TicTok411
    I miss working 3 days a week but nothing else! As an RN you often are treated as a child. the difference is night and day.
  9. by   WKShadowRN
    I'm still trying to get used to the autonomy. As a direct care RN, if I left the unit for any amount of time I had to justify it. As an APRN I feel strange not having to do that. I keep thinking someone is going to ask for an accounting of my day with rationale as to why I was in x place for y time.

    It's probably silly, but since I'm so very new right now, I'm chalking it up to the role transition and all the learning that comes with a new place, new people, and new role.

    I still am thrilled and very happy with my job.

    I'm so very much loving it.
  10. by   chiromed0
    I miss the gratification of seriously helping a grateful patient. YOU are their connection to feeling like they are still human as an RN. In the clinical setting that feedback is muted. And it is nice working 3 days/week. However, after one gigantic BM cleanup as an RN I am sure I would miss being an NP. So overall, like most, I miss some things but would not trade advanced practice nursing.
  11. by   PsychBoss
    I'm a student but the difference in respect and autonomy I see the Psych Nps given that I work with compared to what I remember about being a bedside nurse is night and day. Many of them are treated as an asset and are valued for their critical thinking compared to when I was a bedside nurse I often felt like a warm body. I know in hind site it was probably just a couple of bad jobs but there is more to it than just the difference in money for me.
  12. by   Rnis
    Never!!! The way I am treated as an NP is amazing. I pretty much can use my vacation when I want(as a nurse summer was virtually off limits) . I love working normal hours and I love NO drama. I still have to hear the drama between MAs ...but thank goodness I'm left out of it!

    I still think of myself as a 'bedside' nurse, sometimes I think about picking up as an agency nurse at a different hospital....but it's really just an afterthought.
  13. by   LadysSolo
    I've been an NP for 12 years, and I can say I love being an NP, but as I near retirement I am planning to go back to being an RN on the floor. I do NOT love the paperwork involved with being an NP, I work 8-10 hour days and go home to 3-4 hours more paperwork. I want to get back to doing my 8 hours and going home to some free time. And when I do actually retire I want to be working in a place that will let me stay per diem, where I can work if I feel like it (or not.) You can't really be a per diem NP. But would I do it over and become a NP - yes.
  14. by   lmti41
    Hands down the respect I receive for being an NP is much better. I was a clinical nurse specialist prior to returning to school and obtaining a post masters NP. The title has changed everything for me. I loved being an RN and a CNS but this adds a layer of knowledge and skill that makes my work worthwhile.