Any advantages to being a male np?

  1. have you noticed any advantages or disadvantages to being a male np?
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  3. by   djmatte
    Clinic job means no longer being the go-to heavy lifter in the hospital?

    I kid.

  4. by   Jules A
    People tend to think the males are Drs. (real doctors)

    I would also suspect as across occupations males make more money because they are willing to research their worth and require appropriate compensation.
  5. by   wyosamRN
    I think being able to pee standing up is pretty great. Beyond that, I'd say most any advantage is going to be based on the person, not on the plumbing (which I suppose means the one thing I could come up with doesn't really count..). Mostly kidding. It is 2018- seems like it's about time to get past stuff like this.
  6. by   Riburn3
    I work in the Southwest with a large Hispanic population, and I've found older folks here seem to prefer being seen by a man as opposed to a woman. I worked in an office when I just started practicing with a female NP with 10 years experience, and I would be asked to see lots of the patients because they didn't want a female seeing them. Didn't matter that I was brand spanking new.

    I would imagine male NP's get compensated more too, which is congruent with the overall workforce as a whole.