ADN-MSN Schools?

  1. The only one I can find is Frontier.

    Know of any others worth looking at?
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  3. by   jeepgirl
    there are a lot of state universities that do RN to BSN and then the MSN. if you did one year for the RN to BSN and then two years for the MSN that would take you 3 years.
  4. by   jeepgirl
    i don't know anything about frontier - how long is their adn to msn?!
  5. by   jla623
    Texas Woman's University has one.
  6. by   SarahLovesNovember
    Northeastern University has a good one as well.
  7. by   SarahLovesNovember
    Actually, has anyone on these boards been in Northeastern's BSN-MSN program? It's geared toward nurses who have an ASN plus the clinical experience who are able to finish a dual degree BSN/MSN in 2 years. Do you think this would be a smart move for the dedicated student?