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Nurse manager wants me, but no job offer

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I had a job interview a little over a month ago at my dream facility/unit. Interview went great and I followed up two weeks later just to see if a decision had been made which it had not.

Another two weeks go by and I check up again, but this time the nurse manager tells me that HR is supposed to contact me with an offer and that they want me. It's almost two weeks since that email and I haven't heard from HR. However, HR is working from home due to the coronavirus.

The nurse manager responds to my emails within 15 minutes and seems very interested. I also had another interview at the same hospital and two days post interview the nurse recruiter contacted me with an offer. I told them I needed some time to talk things over with my family.

Should I count the first interview out? I just find it odd that its taken the first interview a month and a half so far, but the second interview let me know within two days.

Dear Finds it Odd,

Same hospital, two interviews, two promises, and one offer.

In the best of times there can be a lack of coordination within hospitals. It's impossible to know what is really happening when what you are being told doesn't add up. For all you know, the first unit may have low census at this time and hiring may be on hold.

What you do know for sure is the second unit wants you. I would take the offer. CONGRATS on landing the job and you can always transfer to your dream unit later.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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