Majorly stressing, need advice!

  1. SO, I completed my second week as a nurse manager. This week was stressful, with a snowstorm and even more responsibilities added ot the table, about a million meetings that were ummm, stupid, preventing me from doing my real work, then what happened this morning.

    I get a call, on my second weekend off from the charge nurse on shift. "one nurse didnt show, I am charge, and I have 5 patients, the nurse said she was never on the schedule, I called (my boss, who used ot handle this) and she told me to call you. I am actually angry. Not at her, but because i have been working there for 2 weeks and I have gotten similar calls on the only 2 weekends i have had. I can't do anything about it and I w not happy with the way they were staffing from the beginning.
    Before I go on, let me give you a little breakdown of things I found out this week. My boss, helped get this place going. She took the nurses from the other place she worked and made "deals" with them to take a chance at this new hospital. Basically keep your other full time job, we'll work around it, you tell me what days you can work. So that's how this hospital got their nurses. So, this had been since less than a year ago, this hospital has been up and running, but the nurses that staff this hospital still hold 2 full time jobs. And still give no priority to this one. They chose the 3 days they can work, leaving big gaps int he schedule. Well, the upper management saw problems with this and decide to revise the commitment letter, which I wa a part of the revision on my second day of work. So, a bunch of people didn't sign it. When the person who was collecting them went to give them to my boss, she told her to give them to me. but that person said they won't sign them because my boss made a deal with them and it's not in the deal.

    So now, my boss made these deals which is causing problems, and when these problems occur she throws it in my lap. That's BS.

    Anyways, there is 3 way texting between my boss, me and the staffing coordinator. Apparently according to my boss, this was a mistake by me and the staffing coordinator, but it's not. it's that this woman has 2 other jobs and can't keep track of her own schedule. She was one of the only consistent ones on for that day before we started digging for others at the last minute. So in an unprofessional mannor my bos sends me a nasty text. I will tell you some of it, but it was along the lines of you better step up as a unit manager, I don't want care you have only been there 2 weeks, stop thinking like a staff nurse. If you don't want ot be bothered on the weekends, make sure before you leave the building on friday that everything is settled. Meet me in my office @ 8:30 tuesday." It was much more than that and very rude.

    1st of all, I did coordinate everything before i left. We had enough staff. Not my fault. I knew we didnt have enough on Sunday and I told the coordnator to go ahead and confirm agency. Guess what my boss said behind my back? Cancel it. How can I step up, if you negate me? I don't need them calling me tomorrow too telling me they are short handed!

    2nd, it's like she wants ot dump the stuff she messed up and wants ot take control of other things I should be in control of. We had a meetin with the charge nurses and the charge nurses were complaining that the CNA's and nurses were taking breaks together. i had a solution. But there is my bos telling me to assign break times ot everyone for every shift. What?! These are professional adult, not elementary school! I didn't agree. I said I will tell them 2 @ a time, decide when amongst yourselves. Then in the safety meeting the "safety commitee" complained that the thermometers for each room was outside of the room. So my boss is trying to devise a plan on how to phsycally attach them to the room so they don't get out. Ummm, no. I will educate staff on how they are lucky to have thermometers in each room and ot keep that privellage, please do not remove them from the rooms. There she is trying ot figure out what device to get to attach them to a wall??

    I know this is long, but I am so stressed. This place is a bit of a mess. And a mess that is made over time cannot be fixed in a day. But i most certainly have things in effect ot change them. But with this BS it's going ot be difficult. Am I wrong here to be angry?

    You know, I feel bad for the staffing coordinator. She was a unit clerk and they gave her this job. She is hourly and doesn't make a whole lot. She is harassed on the weekends and never said boo about it. Now she is ****** because she got her head bitten off today and she isn't even on the clock. Now they are trying to tell her to confirm everyone every night and for the weekends. No, these people need to be responsible for reviewing their own schedules. Youa realways confirmed if unless you are cancelled. just because these people chose to take 10 different jobs and can't keep track,w e are not their babysitters. That's not my style. i will lead, but I will not babysit.

    Seriously, is this ridiculous, or is this normal. And the worst part is this was all going on while I was almost out the door to take my 3 year old daughter ot see disney on ice with my dad and stepmom. We were late because of this.

    I can't afford ot lose my job. I'm a single mom and need this income. but I can't work like this and I refuse to be insulted, via text message on my second weekend when I am at home. I this what nursing management really is? because in all the years @ my other job, we probably called my nurse manger with a problem on the weekend maybe once every few months.

    Sorry so long, but I need to know I'm not crazy!
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  3. by   Kyasi
    Wow, it sounds like you have been majorly dumped on with little or no orientation. I think I would meet with whoever your boss is and find out exactly what is expected of you and to discuss some of these issues.

    I'm curious about the turnover rate of this job. Has anyone stayed with it for any length of time?

  4. by   MomRN0913
    so I am not delerious? I am beginning to think I am inadequate, that i should have this all under control in the 2 weeks i have been working there? Yes, I have barely had orientation. She guided me for a few days and that's it.

    I feel lshe expected me ot go into work both weekends when they were short. Hey, I know sometimes as a manager, in a dire situation, you need to go in and handle it....but the only 2 weekends so far and the same call? No, I cannot go into work 7 days a week. It's not fair to expect that. I am angry about her blaming what happened on me and the staffing coordinator. One of her people doesn't show and it's our fault, that we didn't make sure she was coming in? I am not a babysitter, I am a manager. She was on the schedule for over a week.

    There isn't really any turnover rate yet.... This place has been up and running for less than a year. But no employee is willing to claim this job as their primary. majority of our full time employees have another full time job too.... and that job they consider their priority.

    Hopefully I have a job tomorrow. Hopefully I can make this place a place nurses want to commit to. But I can't do that overnight. But I am going to make positive changes if given the tools. We have alot of new grads on orientation. Hopefully when they get off, they can give what this job requires. They only have one job so far. The workers who have this job as a primary job are excellent. They don't call out and will give every other weekend. The other's won't give every other weekend although it is in the new commitment. basically i am supposed to enforce something that wasn't in the "deal" with my boss.

    Pray all goes well tomorrow. I took a risk taking this job. I was hoping it was a good one. I really hope with a little time and effort I will see it that way.
  5. by   Kyasi
    Gosh no, you aren't delirious! And the more you say, the more it sounds like you may just be the one to turn it around. I wish you luck! Hang in there!

  6. by   classicdame
    you need a set down with the boss about your role. Is she still acting within your job description and you are the paper-pusher or does she really want you to perform your role? Say it sweeter of course.
  7. by   glm777
    The one thing I have learned about people who always turn the problem around onto someone else's shoulder is that they do it because they think they can get away with it. You need to sit down ASAP with your boss and set her straight. Be professional but firm. Let her know that you will not be accepting the concequences of her bad judgement. Get a copy of your new job description - if there isn't one (I've had this happen to me) then set a deadline as to when one will be available and until then have a plan as to what you feel your job duties should be. I have found over and over again that if you call someone on their bad behavior they back down and respect you more for it. Again, keep your tone and words professional and if you feel you need it - bring a witness with you. I have done this in the past as well. You can just say "so that everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings, I would like to bring ________ with me to this meeting. I want to be sure that you and I are hearing each other and a third person can clear up any miscommunications before they get too far".
    Above all remember this - you have a license to protect. Do not accept an assignment or responsibility that you feel you cannot safely handle. Your boss likely isnt going to stick up for you if something happens and she isn't going to feed your kids if you lose your license!
  8. by   Kyasi

    I was just wondering how you were making out with your new job. You were majorly stressed in the last few posts. I hope things are improving. Give us an update please.

  9. by   MrChicagoRN
    After 2 months, I hope this has been resolved.

    You need to sit down with your bosses and form a solidified strategy.

    Let them know, signing letters of agreement are a condition of employment & necessary to work there. Failure to sign the letters by x/xx/2011 will be considered as a resignation from their employment.

    Schedules will be posted X weeks in advance. Once posted, it is expected that they are here when expected. Call-ins or no-shows will be dealt with as defined in your unavailabilty policy.

    Have a plan to replace these nurses if necessary, but you may find that after the first one goes, the others will fall into place.

    Clearly set your expectations.
    Then consistently and fairly do what you say you are going to do