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Hey folks, loving this chat. I've been playing around with blogging and podcasting for some time now. I have seen a lot of other nurses who do this. People tend to think of entrepreneurship as owning your own medical practice. But that's only half the story. Nowadays, things are so stiff with regulations and mega-huge health systems and nurses are burning out, that the role of nurses in helping other nurses through influence is really becoming popular. Thoughts?


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What part of Florida do you work? I'm a FNP and am very interested into moving into a functional medicine career path. Don't know where to begin! I also live in Florida and would love any advice you could share!


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I own a private nutritional therapy and functional health practice. I've been in business for 2 1/2 years. Prior to that, I owned a health coaching practice for several years. I recently moved to California from Florida.

What part of Florida do you work? I'm a FNP and am very interested into moving into a functional medicine career path. Don't know where to begin! I also live in Florida and would love any advice you could share!


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Thanks for that tip about the NNBA. Never heard about it. A lot of good information for nurses.

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I'm a blogger at and I just published my first book, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job" on Amazon. I started blogging 3 years ago and it's been a wild journey- wild in a good way, but I couldn't have predicted all the ins and outs, and all I've learned.


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Wow. I am sorry. Been so busy that I never got back on until now. PM me and I'll answer your questions. I am really loving this role.

A client got into some trouble last September with a federal regulatory agency that I do not cover. But they were desperate and put their action plans on hold until the deadline. So, with warnings that I don't do that agency, I stepped in and made the fixes and they came out pristine with all deficiencies fully addressed. Wow. Nurses can do anything. We are so familiar with standards and rules and whether we like them or not, we can help others comply when they just don't get it, or they get too panicked to make a good plan and policies.

Anyway, that is what I do. I work from home mostly with meetings and trainings for staff and management sometimes. But the hours are my own and I work from my sofa.

Lovin' life!

Update... My business went from 1 facility (August 2016), to 9 facilities (last post- Jan 2017), and we are now at 35 facilities with my On-Demand Staffing company. I've been able to build my internal team from 5 to 25 , and our Provider pool from 100 to 600 (since the last post). We have raised some capital at this point, and will began expanding / launching our service across several Northeast States.

My recommendation, get a good team (that has more experience than yourself)... and implement technology that can streamline your process to an efficiency level that was not thought to be possible (at least this has worked for my business).


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August 1st will my first day seeing patients in my new practice. I am opening an integrated medicine clinic. I have hired a chiropractor I know well as an independent contractor. I will be doing cognitive behavioral therapy, injections, physical rehab, PRP & stem cell therapy and more. My background is ortho so that has helped a lot. I am very anxious for this new venture to begin.


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Hi, I would like to hear more about your business and how you began it. Congratulations on the growth!!!

I am interested in getting more information. Please PM me.


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I started my own foot care nursing business and my own nurse consulting business. I built these up and sold them after 3 years. What I do now is Nurse Elisha. I help the aspiring nurse entrepreneur start their own businesses. It is great :) I love the nurses I work with. I help them gain clarity and direction and provide actionable steps that get their business up and running.

How are you doing in this venture? It sounds great. I wish you the best.