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Is something I hear from my patients constantly. I'm petite with I guess a lot of people consider a "baby face". I am told a lot that I look like I'm in my teens. Thanks? It used to not bother... Read More

  1. by   SaoirseRN
    I am fantastic at IV starts, and was called to pediatrics one day to start a line on a twelve year old. Of course, someone had put topical anesthetic on his arm where they figured I should try, but naturally the best places once I had the tourniquet on were not within the "numb" areas. Mom refused to let me try anywhere but the numbed areas, and of course I missed. She looked at me, then at the peds nurse behind me, and said, "I want somebody with more experience. You can leave now."

    I didn't argue (no point), but I AM the one people call for a tough start and I don't often miss. The peds nurse who called me was in her fifties and could not start an IV to save her life, but all mom could see was I looked too young and she looked experienced so she should be the one to do it.