What to do when you know you're in the wrong?

  1. This morning it was my turn to make the morning assignments for the dayshift nurses. After much contemplating, I tried to make a fair assignment, but ended up loading one nurse down with an accuity that was far too high. I felt terrible about the assignment, and I honestly just wasn't sure how else to allocate it. Anyway, the day nurses came in and moved the schedule around so it was more manageable. I just felt so guilty, I apologized to the nurse, and she said it was ok, but she was clearly very upset. How do you guys get past events like that? I still feel horrible about the whole ordeal now.
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  3. by   Sugarcoma
    You apologized. That is really all you can do. Explain to the nurse what you said here, that you really were not sure how to put together a manageable assignment for everyone. Take note of what the day charge did to make it better, how she switched pt.s around etc. and keep it in your head as an example for next time. Most of all realize that you can NEVER make everyone happy! I used to get griped at all the time when I made the assignment, when I moved from nights to days and no longer made the assignment the very same nurses who would gripe at me for "shafting" them all bemoaned the fact I would no longer be making the assignment because "you always made fair assignments" lol.
  4. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Even acuities aside, you COULD NEVER be sure when your "Loading up a nurse."

    Seriously, Yesterday I wouldn't have traded my 5 ER (3 Urgent/2 Emergent) Patients for one of the nurses on shifts ONE patient who was an alcoholic, beligerent, screaming, ripping out IVs, bleeding from Foley Insertion site, and throwing objects!

    You just never know, you learned from it, you can do better HOPEFULLY next time, Fomite Happens!

    I always ask (when on a floor), who had who yesterday. If we're a totally new shift- all you can do is best judgement.

    Don't be soooo hard on yourself! I can tell by your "Writing Personality" you wouldn't have done it on purpose- I am sure they know the same.
  5. by   rn/writer
    You apologized and admitted that you felt bad about the situation. You're not perfect, and you're humble enough to realize that fact. Trust that the people who genuinely care about you will understand that you made a mistake but bore no malice toward anyone. Then move on. No one else can let it go if you insist on clinging to it.

    Any choice other than letting go of feeling bad will perpetuate the discomfort.

    Two weeks from now this will be a vague memory. In a year it won't even register on the radar.

    Set yourself and everyone else free.
  6. by   Esme12
    Just tell them you are sorry and that it was unintended and you will do better next time. I would also tell them that if it seems you were lopsided don't be afraid to change it.....you won't be offended.