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  1. juststartinout

    UMKC vs Chamberlain? Advice

    Hi fellow nurses! I was accepted and started a hybrid program with the University of Missouri in Kansas city in spring of 2014. Everything was ok...until it was actually time to start meeting on campus. The meetings times are during my work hours, and I don't see my managers moving my days around for me to go to class. So...the next dilemma. I live in Kansas and was thinking of transferring to an online program, because of the flexibility of hours to do my academic work and still maintain my job. I applied with Chamberlain, but I'm finding it's pretty tough to get a preceptor! I'm feeling overwhelmed. Wondering if staying at my hybrid program will ensure better preceptor options, or if both options are terrible and I may as well take the plunge and transfer. Finding a preceptor is so challenging! They want me to locate a possible practice site by the end of this month. It's finals + trying to transfer + job and family responsibilities. I feel really overwhelmed, any thoughts or advice would be a god send!
  2. juststartinout

    Is there Any hope?!

    I just wanted to update this, I got accepted to the University of Missouri's FNP program. It's a DNP program so i'll be working on it for some time, but because to be honest the price is right, and at this point in my life I have the time to complete it, I'm going to accept and go for it. I'd applied to other schools that are MSN's, but it'll actually cost me quite a bit less to get a DNP than my MSN. So, wish me luck. I start in June. Thank you for all the encouragement you guys gave me!
  3. Hi Everyone, I just got accepted into the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program. Does anyone have any info about the MSN program? I plan to go to there information meeting this month. Has anyone done it? How did you like it/dislike it? Thanks for your help. The only reason I created a thread for this was I thought the other one was more for BSN students. Thank you for your info.
  4. juststartinout

    FNP or Adult-Gerontology?

    Hi all! I was really down a few weeks ago, but today I checked my email and found I'd been accepted to an Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP program. I know that I never want to work with children, or in women's health. In fact I'd like to work in a clinic like cardiology or ortho (I really enjoy ortho!), even wound care or HIV management. However, I have a few apps out there to some FNP programs too. Which is more desirable, knowing that I'd love to work in a clinic? Thank you for your input.
  5. juststartinout

    Is there Any hope?!

    I'm going to start a new thread about this but, I just wanted to say, I got accepted to a Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program in the area, I'm still sending out applications but I just wanted to share that!!
  6. juststartinout

    Is there Any hope?!

    I'm shy about online programs. I have nothing against them, it's just i don't know where to start with what is a good online program vs a program that just wants me to pay them. I've heard many good things about Simmons though, I think I'll apply there for Spring. I'm usually more of a laid back person, but I realize I've got to be a hunter to get into an FNP program. So, I'm a hunter! lol, thanks zmansc I really was encouraged by the FedEx story. Thank you all for your encouragement. I'm going to keep on trying. Hopefully, within the next five years, I'll be here encouraging some other poor person who wants to get into APRN school.
  7. juststartinout

    Is there Any hope?!

    I did just what zmansc suggested and contacted the school. The director of the program told me the lowest GPA they accepted this year was a 3.75! She also said they've taken as low as 3.3. It just depends on the applicants, and to keep trying. So, I'll reapply for Spring and hope my GPA hit's a lucky number. In the mean time I've decided to apply to 3 other area schools. If all that fails I will probably get the non NP MSN, then do my FNP at the end of that. I just felt so down getting rejected, but I'm going to keep trying.
  8. juststartinout

    Is there Any hope?!

    Hi everyone, I'm just feeling very depressed right now. I want to be a FNP, but I feel like there's no hope for me. I graduated with a BSN in Alabama relocated to Kansas. I worked telemetry/stepdown for 3 years, and now I'm in the float pool. I decided to get serious about applying to local FNP programs in my area. My Gpa is a dismal 3.47. I have been rejected by one school because my GPA was too low. I feel so frustrated, I worked so hard for that GPA only to find out it's nothing in the world of FNP programs. I want to apply to Kansas University, but I just feel so inadequate, I've been a regular staff nurse for 3 years, I haven't written any scientific papers, or been involved in any amazing hospital revolutions. I just feel like I'll never get in any FNP program, because of my GPA and the fact that all I've done is work. I just need some encouragement, all these rejection letters are damaging my self esteem. HELP! lol.
  9. Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this I just don't know what to do!! I want a long term career in public health working working with infectious disease, not so much as a hands on provider, but I love the research and working with the population as a whole. However, I would like to work on this from a nursing prospective. I love public health with a passion and it's what I went to nursing school to get involved in. However, when it comes to working in these kinds of places health departments, government agencies, which one is more marketable to me? Any advice at all is INCREDIBLY appreciated.
  10. This morning it was my turn to make the morning assignments for the dayshift nurses. After much contemplating, I tried to make a fair assignment, but ended up loading one nurse down with an accuity that was far too high. I felt terrible about the assignment, and I honestly just wasn't sure how else to allocate it. Anyway, the day nurses came in and moved the schedule around so it was more manageable. I just felt so guilty, I apologized to the nurse, and she said it was ok, but she was clearly very upset. How do you guys get past events like that? I still feel horrible about the whole ordeal now.
  11. juststartinout

    When to put in notice

    Hi all, I have been offered a job that starts next month. I haven't completed the occ. hlth screening, and i wonder if i'm jumping the gun to put in a 2 week notice in at my current job before doing the screening. What do you all think? Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. juststartinout

    First months, and I still dont get the hang of it

    Hi NewlygradBSN, Getting started is HARD. That said I'll tell you what I did. I'm 6 months into a RN position and my first few months I found myself forgetting all kinds of things too! After a while, I couldn't take missing things any more so I came up with a sheet to keep me organized. On it I put typical things I need to know, and that will need to get done during the shift. I highlight things in yellow that need to be done right away or at least must be completed in the next 1-4 hours. When I finish the task I put a line through it. Also another nurse on this forum had the same problem and someone put up their brain sheet, here's the link to the discussion: Any hints on organizing patient info? - Nursing for Nurses I used it as a template and reorganized it to what I needed to do. You've done well to realize you need a change, and you are actively looking for a way to improve. Good luck!
  13. juststartinout

    Looking for a new job after 4 months...

    I've been working at subacute for 6 months, and I can definitely sympathize with the need for something different. I'd say if your supervisor or coworkers are the type you can trust with information about you leaving than go for it. I know at my job one of my supervisor's really would like to see me get to a hospital setting, and has really been in my corner with that dream. By all means use the references available to you, if they're good :).
  14. juststartinout

    I've given this job 6 months and...I still hate it (vent)

    thank you all so much for the advice! "bottom line, technology can be boring - machines only make bleeping sounds (often for no reason), pts have a wealth of lifetime experiences to relate and by listening to their stories you are making a huge difference in their lives." i really appreciated that comment. it really brought a smile to my face. it's true that machines aren't perfect, and often do just bleep, i just want to learn how to use them. however, i like that you brought another way of making a difference i hadn't really thought of. "eventually i applied to the fed. prison (last place i ever thought) and the expe is great. just take in into consideration you will get to see things you wont even see in the hosp." here are so many different places to work i had never even thought of the prison system. wow! i'll definitely think on it! "after i am finished with my bsn in december, i will spend another two months working with my current employer while applying to others. i also am signing up to take my cen and nrp. what is the use of acls, pals, tncc, nrp etc. without icu experience? well, it will help you to gain the knowledge you wish plus some of the certs you need for the icu. this should help to ease your mind as you wait to land a hospital job. it may also look good on your resume, which you should have on you at all times along with business cards; especially, when you attend your local ana meetings. gl and stay focused! remember, you are an icu nurse working in ltc at this time." great advice! i had thought of joining a local nursing group, but i could never decided on what to join. i guess it sounds silly but i hadn't even thought of the ana. thank you! thank you all for your comments and advice. you all have such a wealth of knowledge to share. i had worried that this experience would be worthless, but at this job it is correct i'm finally getting that 6th sense of when something is going wrong. it's not the greatest sense at all lol, but at least i know it's getting there. thank you all again!
  15. I’m a new grad I started in a subacute rehab facility fresh out of graduation. I always wanted to work in ICU or step-down, maybe moon light in acute psych. However, this was just not to be. I graduated and could only secure this job because of previously working there before. I’ve tried to tell myself I enjoy this job, but as time lags on I feel so dissatisfied with it. Most of the time I’m there I feel like a glorified CNA. I rarely if ever do a head to toe assessment. I feel like all I ever do is go in put people to bed, change some wound dressings, put someone in the shower, put pts on the commode, pass a pain medication…every now and then something critical happens like a high BP or a low BG, but that’s about as deep as it goes. I want to really get out there and learn. I want to do assessments, and really track pt’s conditions when they are a little more acutely ill. However, my time in subacute makes me doubt my skills now. I want to get into a hospital program and learn about EKG’s, RRT, titrating drugs for BP, fluid balance, shock, codes, managing lines, ect. These skills happen rarely where I work. I want to put on my critical thinking cap, not just my physical skills gloves. I’ve started applying to different positions in hospitals but I feel like I’m still getting hit with a brick wall. I really can’t see myself sticking around this job for more than a year without losing my sanity. I know the answer is to just keep applying. I’m thankful to have work in these rough economic times…but I tell you I’d change up jobs in a heartbeat rather than stay here. I think I’m in the wrong specialty. Anyone else hit this wall during their nursing career? Thanks for reading this vent. Not all days are bad, some days i leave feeling like i've made a difference, but i just want something different. Something more challenging....
  16. juststartinout

    Being a new nurse is causing depression

    OP I definitely feel where you are coming from. This first year in nursing is turbulent to say the least. Coming from school which was a relatively sheltered environment, to full speed as a nurse is scary. I didn't learn anything about taking off orders in school, speaking to doctors, handling the tough situations (family, pts, dr's, cna's, etc), or giving a *good* report. I can promise you that it does get better. I'm 5 months in and it's like night and day from when I first started. I feel like I can handle a lot more now. I feel like the stage I'm at now is I'm looking at what I realistically can do, and what I need to take responsibility and learn on my own. There are still definately those :doh: moments, but they're less than they used to be. You can make it through this. You'll be a seasoned nurse before you now it. All of us in this forum are struggling towards that mark. I think the first year is hard...but I felt my first 3 months were the *most* turbulent times. See how you feel at six months. Then a year. Then look again at 18 months. You can make it, look forward to those milestones. Good luck, we're all cheering for you! :yelclap: :w00t:

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