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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

  1. by   RN and Mommy
    I was told just this past week that I was very rude because I was refusing to give my patient an enema. I just gave her a fleets enema (which was ordered) but I wouldn't give her a larger soap suds enema (not ordered)! WHATEVER!
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    I was wondering the same.

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    I was a brand-new RN on a 50 bed surgical floor. My DON complained that I refused to take medication orders over the phone from an office nurse. I had taken all the other admitting orders, and when she started on the list of meds, I said, "um...I really need to get med orders from the doctor." The doc had complained to the DON who had a "chat" w/me. Apparently the doc wanted me to know that "orders from my nurse are just as good as orders from me"! Finally my DON admitted that they don't USUALLY give med orders via a nurse. Ya THINK?!

    Bet ya 5 bucks that "nurse" was really a secretary, med tech or other too! We have a doctor who always tells us to call his office and talk to his nurse "Cindy" for orders.. well we found out that Cindy was his daughter and she wasn't a nurse.
  4. by   NURSJADED
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    When I worked in MICU, a nurse from the ED complained that I asked too many questions during her report to me, guess I did not need to know VS, IV access, heart rhythm, etc.
    We had one of the ER nurses orienting in ICU on nights because she was going to start picking up some extra shifts. She told us that one of the newer nurses in the ER told her to tell us to stop asking them for vent settings on the transfers because they don't have to know all that stuff RT does it. She said she had a nice long talk with this nurse after that statement too.
  5. by   lorinurse
    I work in LTC, normally I am very friendly and like to hang out with my patients when I have time. I had a pt, very arrogant, nasty to the CNAs and
    the other residents. I did everything by the books for him. Any conversation or contact was very professional.He went to the DNS and complained that I did "not wanted to be his friend."
  6. by   santhony44
    I have a friend who worked for a DME company. One physician banned him from his office: "He's always smiling and happy when he comes in, there's something wrong with anybody who's always smiling."

    Sure, he'll be a very effective sales person if he walks around scowling all the time!!
  7. by   Sisukas
    a patient who weighed about 400 lbs complained that because his insulin shot stung when it went in, that i must have given it im instead of sq.
  8. by   judyblueeyes
    A pts husband complained to the charge nurse that he had asked for a private room all day (from me) and since I didn't give him one, he should get the suite for no charge.

    (We were packed to the gills. The charge nurse didin't even bust out laughing.)
  9. by   jncRN
    While I'm going to nursing school, I'm working as a CNA in a long-term care facility on the weekends.

    One morning I went into a resident's room to assist with her a.m. care.
    I have long bangs that are pinned to the side when I am working. She took one look at my hair, and said to me, "If you want to change my *diaper*, you need to be more sanitary than that...get a hairnet!"

    :uhoh21: I felt like saying, "Lady, I'm going to wash your behind...not cook your lunch! I don't need a hairnet!" LOL
  10. by   Liddle Noodnik
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    :uhoh21: I felt like saying, "Lady, I'm going to wash your behind...not cook your lunch! I don't need a hairnet!" LOL
    HA HA HA!! that's cute!
  11. by   Thedreamer
    Hey guys,

    I just finished my EMT while waiting to get accepted to
    the LPN program that I did. I have seen some amazing
    things working in the ER. I had a patient complain to the nurse that I was too upbeat and smiled to much while I was assessing her. She
    didn't feel that it was right that I was so upbeat and
    smiley with her being in the ER in such a serious
    condition (she had emphesima, good going on smoking for
    30 years despite numberous warnings ON the cartons).
    What did she expect me to do? I assume she'd have
    preferred for me to have entered her room with a rain
    cloud over my head dressed in all black and crying.

    I had a PT complain to my supervisor that when he made
    advances on me and I politely declined him, that I did
    it in "a disrespectful" way that belittled him. Mind you, I am a male. My
    sexuality had not come up at all and he had no reason
    what so ever to assume I was remotely interested in
    anything more then getting a PMHx and VS. I was just
    beside myself. Apparently "Im sorry but I am in a
    relationship and I am working at the moment so please
    put out your arm so I can get a BP." was rude. The nerve
    Oh and my supervisor (instructor) was trying so hard to
    keep a straight face when he was talking to me about it
    that he needed to go "take a moment" before he could
    finish talking to me about the incident and not be red
    in the face from holding down his laughter.

    I also had a CHF PT complain to the Nurse after I had
    gone to check in on another PT, that I refused to give
    her water. (the nurses were right there too to witness
    it). The woman could barely breath, and was drowning in
    her own fluids, coughing up sefactin, ect and yet was
    angry that I wasnt helping her to worsen her situation?
    :shrug: I think that if you're going to eat junk food
    and not exercise your entire life, there should be a
    label written on anything you eat going on in detail of
    what to expect in the future. and P.S. they started
    calling me Damion because I denied a dying patient her
    last wishes!

    Ive also had a PT complain to the nurse that I was
    "Posing as a docter, and trying to get her information."
    The nurse came and asked me quite upset what that was
    all about (she was female), and I simply told her that I
    didnt know.. I just got her SAMPLE, OPQRST, and VS (mind you im wearing a unform that clearly states im an EMT student). The
    nurse went back in and talked to the women and asked
    what made her think i was posing as a docter, and the
    lady explained simply, "Well he cant be a nurse because
    thats for women, so he had to be a docter." :shrug:
    First time I had heard ANYTHING like that before.
    I had an ETOH guy that was about 250lb get extremely
    violent with me because I would'nt hold his penis while
    he urinated. He stripped off all his clothes and got off
    the bed, yelling and throwing fists. So here I am, first
    day in the ER, 8am, and my first PT that im given is now
    in the hall, butt naked yelling and screaming and trying
    to punch me out because I wouldnt hold his penis. Im a
    skinny guy and getting knocked out wasnt on my list of
    things to do that day. Luckily for me one of the big buff male
    nurses subdued the guy.. Every single other nurse was
    red in the face in laughter, even the doc! I was so

    Thats about it for my odd complaints and embarassing
    stories! One notable thing that was really cool. I was
    on the Fire rescue truck my last shift. On route to a
    rectal bleed call. Theres a guy in front of us on a
    moped, with no helmet. He ran the red light, got
    plastered by another car, needless to say we upped our
    rectal bleed to a trauma alert. We get to the guy and
    hes got tib fib Fx, Mid shaft femur fx, Ulnar/Radial fx,
    and massive internal bleeding. (the liver area was
    already showing red/hematoma and it had only been less
    then 1 min since we had gotten there and cut his clothes
    off.) Guy was GSC 15 all the way to the hostpial. He
    kept saying "Im gonna die! Im gonna die!" I got an eerie
    feeling. I have never heard someone say that before. As
    SOON as we got him off our stretcher and onto the trauma
    table, he coded, straight to GSC 3. They worked him,
    chest tube, compressions, nada. Pumped 2 litters of
    blood, nothing was getting to the heart. Popped his
    chest and started doing manual compressions. (btw im IN
    the trauma room watching all this cause one of the
    nurses told me i need to stay and learn). The doc is now
    manually massaging his heart through the side of his
    chest. Nada. They called him 45 min after he entered the
    room. After all was said and done the nurse who had told
    me to stay waited for everyone else to leave, and kept
    me behind. She told me to touch his heart, which was
    still beating once or twice every 30 secs. She even
    inflated his lungs so that I could look. It was an
    amazing experience.. Im told not a single student has
    gotten to do that before at that hospital. Anyways,
    after the fact turns out guy was stoned, hence he ran
    the light. And he died so quick from transfer on off our
    stretcher to the table because his aorta ripped. (i
    guess it was torn very little and exasperated when he
    was moved)

    Needless to say, the experience was very enlightening
    and yet saddened me. Ive never lost a PT before. Wow Im
    gonna stop typing because i KNOW no one read that huge
    wall of text <3
    - Ian
  12. by   alien-warrior
    Well I read it Dreamer.
    I had several very slanderous and distressing complaints made against me by a male patients boyfriend. It was the opinion of all my colleagues that it was because I had (politely) declined to meet him for a drink after work. It was funny at the time, but when the complaints came in................As per my previous post, the complaint was not upheld and was buried, but it went down on my record.
    Like I said before, when your wrong your wrong, and when your right your wrong.:smackingf
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Thedreamer
    ... Wow Im
    gonna stop typing because i KNOW no one read that huge
    wall of text <3
    - Ian
    Hi Ian, welcome! I thought your post was interesting esp the guy that coded and the nurse letting you see inside his chest wall - good luck with your studies!