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  1. by   wooh
    OP, good for you looking to get out of there. Be careful until you escape. That place WILL throw you under the bus if something happens because of their policies.
  2. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    Quote from orangepink
    And as for the PT/OT in XYZ1, they only spend 10-15 mins with a patient and move on. They teach the nurse and the patient the exercises and expect the nurse to do the exercises with the patient as well. When I first encountered that, the first thing I said was "oh so now I'm not just a nurse but PT as well?!?"
    It's not a true rehab unit then. To truly be a rehab unit, the patients have to get 3+ hours of PT/OT/SLP...with a PT/OT/SLP. I hope their not trying to pass 10-15min with a therapist off as "rehabilitation", especially when it comes to reimbursement. Anyway, the whole thing sounds awful.
  3. by   lindarn
    I would make a complaint to the, "Facilities and Licensing Division", of your state's Department of Health. This is the agency that licenes al health care facilities. Suggest that they make a surprise visit. Change of shift between night and day shift, so they can see what is going on during different shifts. If you can get ahold of staffing sheets, bed assignments, etc, so that they can see how inappropriate the staffing and bed assignments are.

    I have NEVER heard of mixing LTC patients with CCU patients. I would think that it is against the law. Hospitals are licensed for a certain amount of beds. XYZ acute care, WXY LTC, ABC Med surge, etc.

    Also research what kind of regulations there are in your state, concerning staffing, etc. It may not be California standards, but every licensed facility has rules about what they can and cannot do. I cannot believe that they are following them.

    You might want to contact an attorney, and see if they can give you any guidance. I cannot believe that what they are doing is legal!

    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
  4. by   Pinkmegan
    Quote from Esme12
    I don't care how for profit they are this staffing is unacceptable. Is this a LTAC? Do you have a separate CCU? How do you have rehab patients with CCU and tele patients. The family should be reporting the unsafe conditions at the facility. I'm stunned they haven't been sued and shut down. I wouldn't have left any meds at the bedside regardless of how much the family bragged about knowing medicine. Your license is in danger here. I'd find another job if I were you. This is unacceptable staffing they should be cited....I'd be calling the Joint Commission and report them. I'd be calling anyone I could think of......that amount of patients and acuity is not safe.

    I am stunned that no one has reported them......just when I think I had hear it all, I am yet again proven wrong and speechless (which is hard to do) I have to think about this one and come back.....
    Sorry, don't know what all your abbreviations mean! Are you commenting on the original posters staffing levels or mine?
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    Quote from orangepink
    Wow. If we only had 5 CNAs on our unit, that would be heaven. Thanks for the motivating comments. I do get good feedback from other patients and their family and that really makes my day. Literally. The best one I had was when a patient said that nurses are the backbone of healthcare. It was like she just nailed it right on the money.
    But we have 18 patients remember! xx