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It's that time of year again. New nurses have started their first jobs and are experiencing the culture shock as they transition from student to nurse. Many of them complain that they are not... Read More

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    Admitedley this thread was pointed out to me because I had the stupidity to start a nety thread..........

    I like your logic, and I think you would be a great co-worker.

    I constantly hear nety. Been pursuing a BSN for awhile. Working as a CNA, and I value that job.

    Its important, and I don't like status mongers. I also love forming bonds with my co-workers it makes my life easier.

    I had other full time jobs though, and I am not a nurse yet. I hope to get there, but no guarantees in life.

    Either way I love when co-workers have a great working relationship.

    So as a new CNA I try to be friendly lighten the mood when it's appropriate, but also running around when their are things to do.

    The slow moments, albeit rare, I try to get to know my co-workers because it's hell for everyone when it gets combative. Many of them have been there a long time, and seem a lot of people come and go.

    Its early, but so far they seem to be cautiously optimistic about me. As do many of the residents/patients, and I like that feeling it's what make the job rewarding, albeit difficult.

    It will get more difficult as I go on, but so far I enjoy it.

    They ask me how I feel about the job because you know it's frequent that new hires quit/ get fired.

    I laugh, and say. Hectic, but worth it. It's no lie it's difficult, but so far I honestly enjoy it most times. Sooooooo far I think I am good, but I can't read minds.

    If they have negative opinions they haven't been expressed. So it's really none of y business until it comes up in a discussion.

    Sometimes I walk out of a room, and they are laughing/smiling. With the question "You alright buddy?" I laugh because I know why they are asking, and it makes me smile. Makes everything easier so far.

    They would never let me do something they though was dangerous, but when they send me into a room. They usually already have a good idea what awaits me. That's cool, because I am glad to do it.

    This job (CNA, hopefully nurse someday) is what I asked for. So I try to remember that.

    Having worked other full time jobs U have felt were neccesary to get by, and absolutely hated I went into healthcare.

    Because it's what I wanted to do with my life. You are going to have to work hard no matter what you do, you might as well pick it for yourself.

    So I feel lucky to be doing what I am doing, because I finally feel like I got to pick it for myself. So I might as well act like it.
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