So the boss says "When a call light goes off, consider that an error" - page 4

So the hospital where I work is infatuated with customer service and improving survey scores. However, they still love to give us 6 and 7 pts each on a busy really BUSY med/surg/tele floor. With... Read More

  1. by   Clementia
    A ringing call light is an error? Your manager is totally out of touch with hospital reality.
  2. by   Sadala
    Quote from hherrn
    You mean you actually leave call bells where pts can reach? That is an error.
    That's funny actually. Because what I was thinking when I read the OP is that this kind of managerial dictate is just a set-up for bad things to happen.

    Because it's human nature. People ARE going to be a little less careful about setting that call light up for the pt and you are going to see increased falls and other adverse events if nurses/CNAs/whomever start to get dinged for the pt using the call light. Just my prediction.

    BAD BAD management style.