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GRRRR....I am sick of my co-workers calling in sick all the time. It would be different if it wasn't the SAME ones that call in month after month. When they are "out sick", I am picking up their... Read More

  1. by   skittlebear
    Quote from belgarion
    In my current job if someone accumulates too much PTO, management makes them take it. No choice, you take off, with pay, but no say as to which days you take off.

    In my previous job, we had a no fault absence policy. Except for a very few reasons (death in the family, jury duty, FMLA) every absence was treated as an occurence. An ocurrence might be one day or a month. Three lates or leave earlies equaled one occurence.

    Five occurences in a twelve month period earned you some quality time with the shift coordinator. Six got you a write-up, seven resulted in a final warning and eight was grounds for termination. You weren't allowed to cover unscheduled absences with PTO so if you were really calling in sick you needed to go see the doctor and get approved for FMLA. Having a family member with chronic health problems, I made sure I had intermittent FMLA on file at all times.

    It may sound harsh but it was pretty effective in making people get "planned" absences for sporting events, concerts, graduations, weddings, or whatever approved in advance so we had adequate coverage. Also we had a policy of "buying back" unused PTO at the end of the year for 75 cents on the dollar. That definitely cut down on the end of year call ins.
    It sounds strict...but I do wish we had that for our facility.
  2. by   tewdles
    I, too, am accustomed to and expect strict absence policies. Having said that, I also have had the great good fortune to work for some terrific organizations who were very compassionate with issues like cancer.