1. Why are some nurses so rude to each other? Our ER nurses have a horrible reputation for incivility to the floor nurses. Example-last night I pick up the phone. Someone who didn't identify herself asks if room 215 is clean yet. I answer I don't know. I was going to add that I would go look, but before I can finish my sentence she barks," Go down the hall and check". I told her that I would help but that she would have to lose the attitude. She hangs up on me. This sort of thing happens all the time. Mention ER in our hospital and you get the same reaction, everyone comments on how nasty they are.
    Now I know that they are overworked and shortstaffed, but who isn't? Why make a bad situation worse by being rude to each other? We are all nurses, we are all here to care for patients, why foster hostility by continuing with impolite behaviour?

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  3. by   4XNURSE

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    There's no excuse for being rude. I apologize for the times I have been. Sorry! I'm human.

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  4. by   night owl
    Everyone has bad days, but melly I'm with you... 4xnurse, apology accepted and thank you for your politeness.
    It's sad when each department and facilities lose respect for each other. Let's try to be nice...It's not that difficult.
  5. by   lever5
    Dreamers, that's what you are. Frustration seems to come out of mouths or on this site fingers. We all have our bad days, I have said things that I am not proud of. Such as: A very drunk, profusely bleeding man keeps trying to get out of bed. Had vomited at least 1000 cc's of blood, could not leave him to take care of 2 other patients. Family would not stay, NG sucking out more, Dr would not let me do anything to stop it, such as lavage or meds.
    I finally blew and said," Are you stupid or something?" upon finding the ng and foley streched farther than it could go without divine intervention. The daughter was standing outside the door. Cut out my tounge and feed it to the crows. Punish me! Floors heard her yelling at me the whold hospital heard her. I guess they figured I was punished enough by the daughter, nothing was said about it by the supervisors. I thought for sure I would lose my job.
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  6. by   Teshiee
    I know what you mean. I find many reasons nurses are rude is simple! They are stressed out and frustrated. It doesn't excuse the fact that they have the right to take it out on you. Usually depending how nasty they are I simply reply with kindness and say having a bad day! Or just be comical that usually breaks the nasty behavior. I know it is easier than said than done but I have tried it and it does work. Don't take it personal sometimes being rude is contagious you don't have to let it be
  7. by   layna
    Yes Tshe!
    You are so right. It so easy to allow rudeness to "suck you in". It can be like a ravaging cancer and ruin the morale of a unit. If an employee comes to me complaining about someone being rude to them, I encourage that person to find the "good" in the rude person and to put aside their feelings of hurt to try to uncover the reasons why the person was rude. Maybe the rude person was indeed tired and frustrated. I am not saying that people should put up with bad behavior ever...BUT...they need to refocus themselves and the other person towards productive and positive behavior! Life is hard enough. Look for the good and build on it so much that the bad stuff gets buried.
  8. by   fergus51
    I tend to give rudeness right back when I get it, which probably isn't the most constructive way of dealing with it (but it feels sooooooooo good!!!).

    I had to laugh. Our ER nurses are not known for their rudeness per se, it's the OR nurses that have the reputation. Other nurses keep telling me there's a reason they only work with people who are unconscious!
  9. by   judy ann
    I have noticed that most nursing staff are generally very kind and nice to patients and pretty kind and nice to visitors, but look out when they get to the nurses station. Nurses treat each other like pond scum. It is no wonder that so many nurses have volentarily left nursing and never looked back. I'm sorry. Stress, overwork, whatever excuse you have is not enough. When we eat each other it only makes everything that much worse. It is time we all remind ourselves that courtesy is contageous. It is time that we remind the person who is mistreating us that we do not deserve to be treated this way. If this person is another staff person, report them to their superior. They may need help dealing with their stress. And if you feel that you can't deal with this stress, don't be ashamed to ask for help. It is there. Use it.
  10. by   micro
    pond scum"
  11. by   lisadavis
    i agree with judyann. we treat each other and other departments terrible. i don't care how frustrated, overworked, etc you are there is never any excuse for treating another co-worker like trash. you never know when you might need that person's help. we need to be kinder to each other. we are losing too many nurses to other fields. too often the reason os they felt unappreciated by supervisors and co-workers.
  12. by   oramar
    Sometimes it backfires. One day I was only RN on med surg floor. I found out supervisor had told RN on another floor to relieve me so I could go to lunch. I knew they were busy and I was calling to say don't worry about it I had a brown bag with me. Before I could say it the nurse that answered the phone starting hurling insults at me because she did not think she should have to go to another unit to cover. The wierd thing is I totally agree with her. However, I got pissed and made her come down and cover me for 1/2 hour so I could leave the unit to eat. If it would have been me who did not have time to cover a nurse I would have went after the supervisor not the nurse on the unit.
  13. by   micro
    Why are we nurses so rude to each other?

    1) cause we can
    2) cause we are human
    3) cause sometimes it is just a bad day and a mispoken word
    4) cause some people are more mean than nice
    5) cause we are nurses, stressed out, overworked, etc.......
    6) cause why do we always have the us/them mentality
    (you know this unit/that unit, this shift/that shift)
    7) cause people are different......and you either embrace those
    differences and love, enjoy and grow in the differences and the
    similarities of people or it causes you to put up walls, hole
    yourself off and be RUDE!!!!!

    micro stop at seven this time, cause micro likes 7
  14. by   magicman
    I agree rudeness is inexcusable, and for those times I have done it, I too apologize. On the other hand, when you have called to give report 3 or four times and get the "run around" and have a patient lying on an E.D. stretcher for well over three hours, it's hard to not get frustrated and wonder what is going on. I realize the floors are busy and the nurses there are overloaded also. But to shirk taking report so as not to get another patient for a little while only hurts the patient in the end (figuratively and literally). I would like to have a few floor nurses lie on an E.D. stretcher for 3 hours and be patient and understanding about having to wait another hour or so becasue the floor nurse won't come to the phone to take report. I agree that SOMETIMES this can't be helped and have worked with the floor to make things smoother. But ignoring me and ultimately the patient only makes me (and the patient) frustrated. This, in my humble opinion, leads to ill feelings from both the patient and myself toward the floor. I have no problem telling the patient why they are still in the E.D. when they've been admitted for over an hour. I also take this opportunity to tell them about the nursing shortage, understaffing, underpayment, etc. PERFECT TIME TO EDUCATE about out current plight.
    One last a floor nurse, you usually get a decent report about a patient who is already cleaned up (mostly), has at least their first round of abx in or going, an I.V. in, etc. and can actually plan a little bit about them and their orders. As an E.D. nurse, I can NEVER say "wait a minute....I need about 30 minutes to do something else before I get this patient.". I realize it is MY option to work the E.D. and accept the speed and changes that go with that. But on the other hand, SOME other nurses might need to realize the plight of the E.D. just as I realize theirs. Understanding is a two way street. I am only asking for what I give.