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There have been several threads on here recently about how crochety and unfriendly nurses can be to newbies...I usually just lurk here but I have to get this off my chest. So far, nurses have been... Read More

  1. by   swatch007
    Human beings are naturally territorial like other mamalian species. This primitive part of human brains occassionally manifests in the way people behave.For instance, intentionally or not, many nurses might have made new nurses feel intimidated or humiliated. This is like saying to them "hey, this is my turf; you better pay me respect or you are not welcome to this pack." Workplace is like that. You have to fit in the group by showing them you have the basic skills they need to do the job and you have to play the workplace politics by getting along well with these overworked people. Mind your timing because you might iritate them.

    For me, nurses don't eat their young; they just instictively smell you if you belong to the pack --of course you do belong to this profession; you just have to prove yourself while minding your manners.
  2. by   BlueEyedRN
    I would like to add my thank yous to those of the OP. Every nurse I've worked with as a student and as a new orientee has taught me in some way. Just the fact that no one shoved me out of the room is enough to earn a huge thanks. Definitely the majority of the nurses I worked with were encouraging and went out of their way to make sure that I got some type of learning experience. Some nurses did teach me what not to do, but even that is really important, and once I vented my frustrations somewhere, I was able to look back and appreciate the experience. Plus, I've gotten to know quite a few grumpy nurses too, and they're awesome! Thank you everyone for making time for and imparting wisdom to students. Those first clinicals are the lessons I will remember for the rest of my career.
  3. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from Valerette
    There have been several threads on here recently about how crochety and unfriendly nurses can be to newbies...I usually just lurk here but I have to get this off my chest.

    So far, nurses have been the kindest, most helpful people I've ever met! I admit I am still in nursing school, but 99.9% of the nurses I've encountered as a student and as an extern have gone out of their way to teach, make sure I feel comfortable and welcome, and in general have been wonderful. The few that are less friendly I think just want to do their own job and not mess with students, which is fine.

    I spend quite a bit of time here and read many threads about the vicious, young-eating nurses running around out there before I started clinicals, and I was very intimidated in my first few encounters with nurses, so I wanted to share my very pleasant experiences with other nursing students...if you are polite, don't waste the time of the nurse you're working with, and don't act like a know-it-all, nurses are WONDERFUL.

    So this is a big THANK YOU :flowersfo :1luvu: to all the nurses out there that have been willing to take the time to make newbies feel are in the MAJORITY and you are APPRECIATED!!

    in my 4th of 6 semesters
    Thank you! It is wonderful to read a thread like this, after thread upon thread bashing experienced/older nurses.

    I think attitude has alot to do with it. Your positive outlook will serve you well. Good're almost there!
  4. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Until you've been to all the hospitals in my town, and everybody's town, you can't say that kind nurses are the "MAJORITY". If you gave worked or had clinicals at a majority of my hospitals then fine.

    I'm glad you've been having a great time in nursing school. You're lucky that your nurses have been nice to you. But just because you have had a good experiece does not mean that everybody else who has had a bad experience is wrong.

    The students and new grads who come here and complain about their situation, do so to vent.

    I can tell you, that the majority of my RN's who precepted us as nursing students were really quite mean. I had some awful experiences as a SN. I lived and learned. I had some great nurses as well! You learn what you can from everyone-good or bad.
    If you had to bash experienced nurses, could you not do so in one of the 50,000 million threads already in existence here? Did you have to choose the "once in a blue moon" positive threads to rant yet again?

  5. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from TheCommuter
    It is nice to hear that you have had great experiences. You cannot be wrong or incorrect about your experiences.

    I have had some unsavory experiences with middle-aged and older nurses being extremely cruel to me and, while these rude nurses were in the minority, they were the types that 'ate the young'. I know that I am correct about my personal experiences.
    And I have dealt with insolent, unprofessional young nurses, too. That doesn't mean I stereotype that group. What a shame you cannot do the same.
  6. by   leslie :-D
    you have no idea how pleased i am, to read of such positive learning experiences.
    your attitude(s) combined with your enthusiasm, will bring you far.
    wishing you every possible success.

  7. by   Elisheva
    I never had a bad experience with a nurse while I was in nursing school either. I'll let it go at that.
  8. by   Elisheva
    Just a point to ponder: If you're reading a lot of posts here that state the same thing, there is probably some merit to it.

    In addition, were a nurse to give a nursing student a hard time during clinicals, it would grab the attention of the facility, the clinical instructor, the educational institution the student is from, etc. In other words, not gonna happen.

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but I don't want you to be naive, either. Nursing school and nursing are not the same thing.
  9. by   MimismomRN
    Just wanted to put my two cents in. I am a new nurse (LVN) and most of the nurses have been great to me but there have also been some really mean spirited, cruel, insensitive and nonsupportive ones who have made me want to give up on the profession before I have barely begun. Like when you have only been a nurse for five months have 12-14 patients to take care of and ask them a question. They not only made me feel small, stupid and inadequate but made me cry literally. I am thankful for the ones who are supportive and helpful and remember what it was like to be new. There is one who tells me you need confidence. Well that comes with experience I am told and I hope I am not expected to have it after five months, because I dont'. Thank you to all the wonderful nurses (the majority) who support new nurses and nurture and support them. I will remember how scary and afraid I am when someday I have the opportunity to help a new nurse. God bless us all